5 Tips for Moving On – How To Regain Your Happiness and Emotional Stability

You know that feeling when you’re upset and you can’t seem to get rid of it? It’s a scary feeling because it means there’s probably actually something wrong with you. You see, the way we think about our emotions is rather odd.

 We like to beat ourselves up for getting upset or depressed, but at the same time, we don’t want to be held back from socializing because of our upset or sadness. 

Tips for Moving On

So in other words: Both sides are correct. It’s not wrong to feel bad; it’s not right to cower in front of others when you feel down. The key is how we respond to those feelings.

 If you follow these 5 tips for moving on – how to regain your happiness and emotional stability – then you will be on the right track towards making yourself happier again.

Step Away From The Scary Thoughts And Emotions

We get that you’re scared. You probably feel a combinationof things, but the main reason is probably that you’re not in touch with your true feelings. This can be a really scary thing, especially when you’re just starting to feel down. 

As we all know, the first step towards happiness is learning to recognize the feelings and emotions that are bothering you and then talking to yourself about them instead of avoiding them. It might sound like a no-brainer, but the truth is that a lot of us don’t do this simple step.

Tips for Moving On

 We get so stressed out, that we don’t have the energy to talk to ourselves, so we just push the feelings down and they stay there, ready to pop up at any moment. But talking to yourself about your feelings will help you to connect with them and recognize them for what they are – just like talking to a friend would.

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 So, the next time you’re feeling blue, take a deep breath, step away from the scary thoughts and emotions and just talk to yourself about it. You will feel so much better for it.

Tell Yourself A Loved One Has Missed You

A lot of us tend to hold our loved ones responsible for ourfeelings – we think if they didn’t do something, then we wouldn’t feel that way. But the truth is that you don’t lose feelings because someone else isn’t close to you; you’re probably just lacking that connection with them.

Tips for Moving On

 So the best way to feel better about it is to Ask yourself; “Is this feeling because of what I want, or what I need?” If you need to talk to your loved one, then talk to them. If you want to avoid talking to them, then talk to them, but make sure you’re okay first.

Confront The Problem, Not The Person

When we’re upset, we often try to turn the spotlight on ourselves, thinking “If she/He only knew…” or “If he/she only knew…” This usually gets us nowhere, as the person we’re trying to shame is just going to assure us that they know exactly what we’re going through and they’re fine. So the best way to move on is to confront the problem, not the person. 

Tips for Moving On

It might sound like a no-brainer, but a lot of us don’t do this simple step. We get so excited about solving our problems ourselves, that we don’t want to bring them up with anyone else. Sooner or later, we’re going to have to face them – and if not now, then when.

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Do Something Different

Sometimes, all it takes is a change of scenery to get your emotional juices flowing again. This could be as simple as moving away from home or going to a different city. It could be as dramatic as going on a long walk with a friend or going to a concert. Whatever you do, don’t use the same story for every situation. 

You’ll sound like a broken record, and it will just make you resentful and more upset. Instead, break the story into smaller chunks so it feels less like you’re retelling the same story over and over again and more like you’re experiencing the feelings in a new way.

Find The Cause In Less Tricky Ways

Sometimes, the hardest part about moving on is just looking for the cause. We all want to blame someone or something else, but the truth is that you can’t assign responsibility when the source of your emotions is yourself. 

Find The Cause In Less Tricky Ways

You have to look inside yourself and ask “Why do I feel the way I feel?” And then, “What can I do to change that?” Sometimes, all it takes is a change of scenery, like changing your surroundings or going on a walk with a friend.

 Or you might have to do something less stressful, like taking a break from your hectic schedule or redecorating your bedroom. Try doing something that makes you feel a little less exhausted and in a bad mood. And don’t forget to keep doing that until the uncomfortable feelings pass.

Don’t Forget About Your Purpose

This one is for the both of you – no excuses! We all have a purpose in life, and even when we’re not feeling on top of the world, we should still be working towards fulfilling our purpose. 

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This could be anything from finishing that paper to learning a new skill so that you can contribute to society and help others. Find a hobby that you enjoy and does something for you. Find your purpose and spend some time doing what you love. 

You deserve to feel happy and content; you have a purpose and you’re doing your best to fulfill it. Remember that.