7 Ways to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

 If you’re reading this, you probably know that maintaining a healthy weight is one of the biggest challenges in modern society.

 Finding time to eat well and workouts to stay fit are just some of the reasons why staying slim is so hard. It can be even harder for those who struggle with their weight. 

Keeping it under control can be incredibly difficult for anyone who doesn’t have access to affordable and convenient sources of healthy food or regular access to an exercise facility or gym membership (which is often beyond the financial reach of people who need it most). 

Fortunately, there are ways to gain weight efficiently without worrying about fat storage and how it will impact your appearance. Doing this safely, however, requires that you keep these activities separate from your routine as much as possible.

 Here are 7 ways to gain weight fast and safely if you need more pounds on your frame fast:

Keep your core strong

If you’re trying to gain weight, it’s important to focus on building strength in your core. Your core is everything from your abs down to your back, hips, and legs.

Keep your core strong

 The stronger your core is, the more calories you’ll burn while sitting at a desk, standing or walking around, or sleeping. 

A strong core helps keep you hydrated, helps your body process nutrients, and decreases the risk of injury.

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Lift weights

If you’re looking to add some muscle mass, you’ve got to lift weights. Not only will lifting free up your time and energy so you can focus on just getting bigger, but it’ll also increase your metabolism.

Lift weights

 This means that you’ll burn calories faster, even when you aren’t doing anything! If you’re looking for a safe way to gain weight quickly and safely, lifting weights is one of the best ways to do it.

Eat a lot and eat often

When you’re trying to gain weight, you’ll want to be sure that you’re eating as much as possible. A good rule of thumb is to eat more calories than you burn each day. 

Eat a lot and eat often

This can be tricky for those with restrictive eating habits or those who are worried they’ll get fat. One way to avoid this issue is to keep your calories high but make sure they’re spread out throughout the day. 

Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients that help keep you hydrated and full but don’t add bulk to your frame, while lean proteins and complex carbs provide the energy you need to burn calories while you’re awake.

Drink lots of water

It’s a well-known fact that water helps us stay hydrated and healthy. It’s also known that staying hydrated will help you burn more calories and lose weight. 

Drink lots of water

That’s why it’s the perfect companion for gaining weight. Staying hydrated can help you burn calories when you’re doing everyday activities like walking or cooking, and will also help flush out any toxins from excess sodium from processed foods.

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Don’t forget about your feet!

If you’ve got big feet, you know how hard it can be to find shoes that fit. But, don’t let that stop you from wearing shoes that are a little too big.

Don’t forget about your feet!

 Shoes with a bit of room in the toe box help distribute pressure throughout your whole foot so you don’t have one spot that’s causing you pain. 

They also help you stay more hydrated, which is a huge bonus when you’re trying to gain weight.

Be aware of your calorie intake and exercise routine

Gaining weight is a complex process with multiple factors that can affect how much you actually gain. Weight gain is often influenced by how much you’re eating, how much exercise you’re getting, and your genetics.

Be aware of your calorie intake and exercise routine

 It’s easy to get lost in the mix and end up eating too much or not getting enough exercise. You can keep your weight gain safe and healthy by keeping track of calories and increasing your exercise routine.


If you’re trying to gain weight, there are ways to do it safely and efficiently. Try to keep your calories high, consume plenty of water, lift weights, eat often, and don’t forget about your feet! You can also be sure to be safe by keeping your calorie intake, exercise routine, and water intake in mind.

 If you’re trying to add some muscle or bulk up, lifting weights and eating plenty of protein are two great ways to do it.

These are just a few ways to gain weight safely and efficiently without worrying about fat storage or how it will affect your appearance.

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 If you’re struggling with your weight, it can be incredibly stressful and difficult to find ways to gain weight safely and efficiently. Remember that if you need more weight on your frame, there are ways to safely and efficiently get it on.

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