Oppo A57 Price & Specifications for the Latest Cheap 4 RAM Cellphones 2022

Oppo A57 – The use of smartphones today is a very large, very popular band that enters the smartphone market is helped by the many models that enter the market, especially in Indonesia.

Of course, of the many smartphone brands that have officially entered Indonesia, finally many also have smartphone devices, considering that now it is different from before, now it is divided into several categories for smartphones.

Starting from entry-level or lower class, mid-range to middle class, and upper class or high class, each class has a different price with certain specifications.

Of course, in the end, there will be advantages and disadvantages, but of course, each band itself covers these weaknesses with its superior quality which is more than adequate.

As we mentioned earlier, many mobile phone brands have entered the Indonesian market lately, among the many, there is one brand that is highly sought after because it is famous for its build quality, Oppo.

We certainly know Oppo, every year the brand releases the latest mobile phone from each segment itself and is now busy with one of the phones from Oppo, the Oppo A57.

This middle-class phone has affordable prices and specifications, especially until now many users really like and want to use one of the Oppo phones in this A series.

Having advantages over the previous series, this Oppo A57 cellphone can be included in the list of cellphone recommendations under 2 million, there are various interesting things about this smartphone.

Well, for those who are interested, you can continue reading our review right now until it’s finished, because we will share information about the specifications, prices, and interesting features of the cellphone.

OPPO A57 phone review

OPPO A57 phone review

For now, it is indeed the era of Android phones with mid-range units, many choose this unit for their own use, indeed for various things, from social media activities, chatting, watching videos on YouTube, or playing simple games.

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Oppo itself does not stay silent in doing something, one of which is releasing a relatively affordable middle-class phone with adequate specifications for this price segment.

Of course, there are a lot of smartphones released by Oppo at this time, but there is one that is very popular because of its very affordable price, the Oppo A57.

Oppo A57 itself offers many advantages ranging from screen quality, camera, battery, chipset, RAM, and others, but the adjustment lies in the price.

Whoever buys a cell phone, first of all, gets information from a smartphone, knowing the information, the phone itself may or may not be suitable.

So first you can read below for more information, later you can find out if this android phone is suitable for you or not.

The advantages of the latest Oppo A57 cellphone 2022

Advantages of Oppo A57

Every cell phone band always offers its own advantages for every cellphone they release, the same is the case with the Oppo A57, where you will find different interesting things.

Well, for more details, we have summarized the following for you, so you can read it in full below.

1. OPPO Glow Design

Oppo itself first paired OPPO Glow on Reno Series phones, but this time Oppo tried to incorporate the design into other series, especially the OPPO A Series variant.

This design includes the Oppo A57 phone itself, so it has a very glossy appearance when exposed to light, and is not only the most attractive design.

However, the back of the Oppo A57 itself already uses anti-scratch or fingerprints, so it will be safe if you accidentally insert the phone with a key or other objects that can damage the phone’s body.

2. Reliable performance

Regarding specifications, especially the engine itself, this phone is equipped with the MediaTek Helio G35 chipset which is driven up to 2.3 GHz and has 4GB RAM capacity and 64 GB ROM support.

With such performance, using the Oppo A57 is more than enough for normal use, such as using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, youtube, and light activities.

Then it can be played for the game itself, but it can also be used for Mobile Legends games and other light games, but you have to adjust the settings so that the game runs smoothly.

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3. 33W fast charging

When it comes to charging itself, this smartphone is very stable, with the first SuperVoc in the Reno Series and now in the Oppo A5 series charging super fast.

Fast charging itself helps us to use it, especially if the battery capacity of this 5,000 mAh phone is not guaranteed with super fast charging, the results are very long.

4. Phone protection is IPX 4

The Oppo A57 itself is equipped with IPX 4 which is almost splash-proof or rain-proof because it is still safe, of course, it will be very safe if it rains or if the phone is accidentally exposed to water.

Here the phone itself is not waterproof but splashproof, I am afraid that you accidentally put the phone in the water to test the phone, and this method is very wrong because maybe the phone will be damaged immediately.

5. Sound quality

The quality is crystal clear. Dual-speaker stereo speakers are very rare for an Oppo phone at this price point, usually, Oppo offers its own dual-speaker feature for mid-range and high-end phones.

There’s a speaker on the top, and a second one on the bottom, which is great, the sound itself can go up to 200%, but if you’re really uncomfortable or don’t want to disturb other people with that loud noise. speaker.

There is still a 3.5 jack port on this phone, so you can use headphones or the like.

6. Camera quality

This phone is equipped with 2 cameras, one of which is a 13MP camera with f/2.2 aperture and the second is a 2MP depth sensor.

Of course, the camera quality is very good, even though it has a little sensitivity in dim or low light conditions, or in outdoor conditions, using automatic mode.

So for better results, you really need settings in the photo-taking process, because the settings are smaller, the results themselves will feel better.

When recording your own video, this phone does not yet have a stabilization feature, that’s because the back and front are still stuck at 1080p resolution and 30 FPS.

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7. Demonstration experience

Using the display screen still uses a water drop notch, and the bottom edge is thick, but in terms of screen quality, this cellphone spoils its users.

Because the screen itself uses an IPS panel, it is very clear and allows users to see very detailed colors.

In addition, the light setting itself can be very bright and very dark and can be adjusted when used in a light or dark room, because the brightest light can reach 600 nits and the lowest can reach 2 nits. nits.

And the Oppo A57 cellphone itself carries a 6.56-inch IPS LCD HD + screen.

8. Software and Features

The smartphone is powered by Android 12+ and runs on Color OS 12.1. This phone also uses the latest software and has proven not to disappoint users at this affordable price.

There is a feature that we think is very crazy for this Oppo A57 phone, even though this phone has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM, now you can configure it in the RAM settings section, and you can set the RAM increase on yours. Uses internal memory up to 4 GB.

9. Price Oppo A57

Regarding the price, this smartphone is relatively affordable, the price in the OPPO Store application or the OPPO Official Store itself is Rp. This is 2,399,000.

But not everything will be the same, in every region and time the price will change and not always be the same, but estimates and the market are around 2 million.

Then there are the colors that Oppo itself offers for the A57 series, Glowing Black and Glowing Green.

Oppo A57 smartphone specifications

Specifications of Oppo A57Hp 2022

After knowing the information about the advantages of the Oppo A57 itself, before buying, immediately look for information about the specifications of the smartphone itself.

We have summarized it ourselves in several sections, of course, the aim is to make it easier for you to understand.


Release year 2022
network 2G, 3G, 4G
SIM card Dual SIM (dedicated slot)
contents absolutely not


scale 163.7 x 75 x 8 mm
heavy 187 grams
Resistance -IPX4 and IP5X
Additional features – Resolve…