Super Sus Mod Apk Download Cheat Unlimited Money 2022

Super Addiction Mod Apk – This game called Super Addiction is one of the most popular games because it has very exciting gameplay to play.

As you play the game, you control the character to complete the mission given to the spaceship.

But to complete the mission and win the game you have to be careful of other players who are assassins.

Each player is given a different character from the others, so it will be a little difficult for you to find an assassin to win.

Interestingly, you can use a different skin from each character in the game, but if you want to use it, you have to buy the skin first.

But now there is another version of the game that you can download so you can use the various skins available for free.

Our version is Super Addicted Mod Apk which has many interesting features and you can use it for free.

If you want to download and use the updated version, you should read this review till the end because we will cover it till the end.

Super Sus Mod Apk Review

About Super Sus Mod Apk

Super Sus Mod Apk is a third party modded game from the original version to use various interesting features for free.

The features in this version are not present in the original version, so many people prefer to use the updated version instead of the original version.

When you use this app, you can use all skins in the game for free.

Apart from this feature, you can use other features added to this updated version by the developer.

If you are curious and want to download this mod version, then you have to read this review to the end because we will share the download link for the application for free.

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But before downloading the app, you should first consider the features in the app.

Super Sus Mod Apk Features

Super Sus Mod Apk Features

As we said before, you can use various interesting features in this mod version.

So what are these characteristics? Please read the comments that we have prepared below carefully until the end.

1. All skins unlocked

The first feature in this application is Unlocked All Skins which will really help you when playing games.

With this feature, all available skins will be automatically unlocked and you can use them.

Interestingly, all of these skins are free to use, so you don’t have to buy the skin you want to use first.

2. Free super pass

In the original version of the Super Addictive game itself, there is a Super Pass which can only be purchased by players using real money first.

But by using this upgraded version, you don’t need to buy a Super Pass because you can get it for free.

This one feature will automatically activate when you download the game, it will be very useful because you will get various items and benefits by doing Super Pass.

3. Unlimited money

Also, in this updated version, you will get unlimited money feature when you download this one game using the link we provided.

With this feature you will get unlimited cash or money related to the game.

4. Driving and picking

In the game Super Addiction itself, there is something that can be done while playing to determine who the killer is at that time.

This is a conversation meeting, using this mod version there is a feature called auto and voice which will help you a lot.

This way, when you meet other players, you can easily chat and find out who the real killer is.

5. No ads

When playing games, of course, if ads appear suddenly it can be very annoying, you lose focus while playing.

However, by using this updated version, you will not be bothered by ads because the developer has removed all the ads that could potentially annoy the players.

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6. Voicemail support

In this version, you can use the voicemail feature so that you can send voice messages while in a meeting.

Of course, this feature will help you a lot because you can easily connect with other players.

7. Unlock all characters

The next feature in this version is the Unlocked All Characters feature, which automatically unlocks all characters even when you play for the first time.

So you can use various available characters for free without having to buy them first.

8. Lighting distance

Then you can use the action feature to shine a light on your character as you play.

In this way, it will be very easy for you to win this game because the light on the character you use is very wide.

9. Unlimited Cookies

When playing this one game, you can freely change the shape, size of the card and other things that require cookies.

There is an unlimited cookies feature that you can use to do various things in the Super Suss Mod Apk application.

10. Premature removal

While playing this game, you can use the disappear feature without delay so that you can beat the game easily.

11. Automatic simulation

The last feature in this application is the auto impersonation feature, this way you can become an impersonator so it’s more exciting.

When you use this updated application on any of the phones, you will be automatically disguised.

Those are some interesting features in this super sus mod application, if you are curious and want to try the features above then you should download the application first.

Download Super Sus Mod Apk Latest Version 2022

Latest Super Addiction Mod APK download link

Since this game is developed by a third party, you cannot download this game mod on play store.

This is because not all modded apps meet the terms and conditions but in this review we share the download link of this game for free.

Name Super Sus Mod Apk New Version
Version: when Latest
File size 145 MB
Support OS Android 5+ and above
Builder Game consultant
drop here

Please download the game from above and play it on your mobile.

However, the file size of the game is quite large so you should use a stable and smooth internet connection so that the download process runs quickly.

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How to install Super Sus Mod Apk

After completing the game download process using the download link provided above, you must first install the application on your cellphone.

The installation process for updated games has to be done manually, so to speed up the installation process, please follow the steps below.

  • First, you need to download the Super Sus Mod Apk game using the link we have provided
  • Next go to the settings menu
  • Click security and privacy
  • Please enable the unknown sources feature
  • After that, find the previously downloaded file in the file manager
  • Then click install on the file and wait for a while
  • Done.

You can play the game on the phone you are using by following the steps above properly and correctly so that the installation process can be carried out quickly.

How to play Super Sus Mod Apk on Android

If it’s your first time playing this game and confused about how to play it, please refer to the following review until it’s finished.

First you have to enter the game, after that you can choose the characters and skins that are already available for free.

Then click play and the game will start, you have to find which player in the spaceship is the killer or the cheater.

In addition, you have to complete the given missions such as taking out trash, repairing machines and much more.

Since this game is an upgraded game, you can make it easier for you to play by using the various features we discussed earlier.

Super Sus Mod Apk vs Original Difference

Super Sus Mod vs Original Super Sus

In this review, we will discuss the differences between the updated Super Addiction game and the original version, please refer to the table below to find out the difference.

Super addictive original Super Sus Mod Apk
Paid premium features Free premium features
Sometimes ads appear No ads
Must buy Super Pass. Super Passport is available for free.
Some features cannot be used All features unlocked.
Unlimited money Unlimited amount of money
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