Download Lightroom Mod Apk Adobe Full Preset Premium 2022

Lightroom Mod Apk – For smartphone users themselves, social media is one application that they must have and use because everyone has an account on social media applications.

Currently, there are many social media applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and many more that can be downloaded for free on the Play Store application.

Many interesting features can be used for free on every social network, one of which is uploading photos to your account.

The users themselves usually upload photos with very good quality by editing them first.

There are many free to paid photo editing applications that you can download for free on the Play Store today.

An application that is currently very popular among smartphone users to edit photos and make them more attractive.

The application we are talking about is Lightroom Mod Apk which has many interesting features that you can use for free and you will not find in the original version.

But you can’t download apps through official stores like the play store and app Store because these apps are modified by third parties.

If you are curious and want to download the application, then read this review to the end because we share the download link for this application for free.

About Lightroom Mod Apk

About Lightroom Mod Apk

Lightroom Mod Apk is an application for editing photos to make them look better than before with the help of interesting features on the photo.

In general, many features can be used for free in this application, as are all developed applications.

For those of you who want to download the application, you cannot find it in the official store because the updated application itself does not meet the applicable terms and conditions.

But in this review we share app download links for free with all of you, so you should read this review till the end.

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However, before you download the application, you should first consider some of the interesting features in the following review.

Features of Lightroom Mod Apk

Features of the latest Lightroom Mod Apk

It has many interesting features in the modified application itself, please check the full review below to find out the features in the application.

1. Tone division

The first feature in this application is a feature called Tone Split, which will really help you when you want to take photos when it’s raining.

When you take a photo in rainy weather, the photo will be blurry because of the rain, but you can make the blurry photo clearer by using this feature.

Of course, this feature will be very useful because you can take photos even if it’s raining. After all, they can be edited with this modular version of the Lightroom application.

2. Vignette

Furthermore, there is a feature called Vignette that you can use to edit photos when you download and use this one application.

The function of this feature is to change the edge of the photo you are editing, you can use this feature in the effects section.

3. Kurva nada

In this one application, you can use a feature called Tone Curve which has a function to adjust the brightness of your photos.

So you can adjust the brightness of certain parts of the photo you want, strangely this is a feature that you can use for free.

4. ISO

You can also improve the quality of the photos you want to edit in this one application using a feature called ISO which is free to use.

For those of you who like photo editing activities, you will know that this ISO feature is only available in Adobe applications.

This makes this application popular and widely used because it has this ISO feature in it.

5. Crop

Almost all photo editing applications have a crop feature in them, you can use this feature in this Lightroom Mod application.

The function of the crop feature is to crop photos that do not fit and look ugly when viewed.

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6. Optics

If you already have faded and faded photos, you can use this app to make photos look brand new again.

This is because the app has visual features that you can use for free to make your photos more vivid.

7. Place deletion

Next is the smudge removal feature that will definitely help you while editing photos in this app.

The function of this feature is to remove objects in the photo so they don’t appear in the photo itself.

8. B&W

The last feature in this app is the B&W feature which you can use to convert color photos into black and white photos.

Those are the interesting features in the Lightroom Mod application, all the features we mentioned above can be used for free without paying.

Download the new Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk 2022

Download the latest Lightroom Mod Apk

If you are curious and want to try the various interesting features we mentioned above, please download the application.

Since this app is a modified app, you won’t find this app in official stores like Play Store and App Store.

But you can use a photo editing application by downloading it using the download link that we share below.

App name Lightroom Mod Apk
Version: When Latest
File size 94.1 MB
Operating system support Android 5.0 and up
Download document here

Use the download link provided above to download and use the app on your phone.

How to install Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk

After downloading the app, you must first install the app on your phone after using the download link provided by us.

Because this application is modified, the installation process must be done manually and is slightly different from installing common applications.

To complete the installation process easier, you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step you need to download is the Lightroom Mod Apk using the link we have provided.
  • Next, please enter the settings menu on your cellphone
  • Click again on the privacy and security menu
  • On the next page, you need to enable the feature called Unknown Sources
  • Then click Install on the previously downloaded file
  • Done.

Installing self-updated apps is very easy, you just need to enable a feature called Unknown sources in the settings menu.

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How to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk

Once the app is installed on your phone, you can use it to enhance your photos.

For those who are downloading this application for the first time and are confused about how to edit photos in this application, you can follow our tips below.

  • First, please open the application
  • Then click the options menu
  • After that, click the + sign and click New Item
  • Next, select the photo you want to edit
  • Then click the + sign again in the blue column
  • Wait a few moments until the photo import process is complete
  • Once done, you can edit the photo using the available features
  • When finished, click Save or Save
  • Please select the resolution you want to use
  • Done.

Here are some easy ways to edit photos using the app, the rest is up to you.

Lightroom Mod Apk strengths and weaknesses

Pros and cons of Lightroom Mod Apk

In this review, we will tell you all about the pros and cons of the app.

To find out the advantages and disadvantages of this application, you can see the full review below.

Benefits of Lightroom Mod Apk

Although there are many interesting features in this one application, you will get various benefits from the application.

  • Many features available
  • HD photo quality
  • There is a history of previously edited photos.
  • Connect with a phone camera
  • It can use the Delete Anything feature.
  • Free premium

cacao Lightroom Mod Apk

If there are advantages then there are disadvantages in it, please see below to find out the disadvantages of the application.

  • Illegal app
  • Manual update
  • Manual installation

More or less those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Lightroom Mod Apk, actually, there are many advantages in this application that are very useful.

Last word

Here we end the review of Adobe Lightroom MOD APK Full Presets Latest Version 2022, hopefully, this review is useful for all of you.

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