Download Mod Bussid Truck, Bus, Complete Livery Car 2022

busy mode – Games with simulation concepts have been played a lot, and are now one of the game genres that attract the attention of players, simulation games themselves have their own charm because they provide a new experience when playing games.

Nowadays there are many types of simulation games and we can easily find them through the play store and app store, the simulation genre is very different from life simulation games, building construction, farming, business, and many people like driving.

One of the driving simulation games on the play store is very popular and developed by the nation’s children, the game is Mod Bussid or Indonesian Bus Simulation, aimed at players who like to play simulation games.

We can download the bussed game itself for free on the play store, but unlike the original play store, this game is not easily boring so many players are always active.

For those of us who often watch live broadcasts on social media, it’s not uncommon to find live streaming games, because these games give us the freedom to play and make our experience more enjoyable.

However, currently, many players are eyeing or looking for the existence of the Bussid Mod game or the Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk game, now for those who want information about the game.

At this point, you can continue reading our review, because we have summarized the game here, so you can keep watching until the end.

About Bussid Mod

Bussid Truck Mod (Indonesian Bus Simulator) and many more.

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk version itself is a very interesting game, in its improvement effect, the artist offers various interesting things that you can find, especially in the more interesting feature section.

This game makes the experience of playing the game more interesting because you will be a bus driver between provinces in Indonesia, so this game is very interesting and many players want to try it.

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There are various types of bus cars in the bussed game itself, now with so many types of cars to choose from, this game will not make players bored quickly because the buses we use are buses that we often see. Streets and is a characteristic of Indonesia.

It is an attraction that gives the atmosphere of Indonesian roads, in this game our task is to deliver passengers to places, and deliver between provinces in Indonesia, for example from Jakarta your task can be a solo delivery.

Because the distance is so far, you will find typical Indonesian streets ranging from mosques, roadside snacks, and gas stations, then there are children on the roadside asking us to honk Om Telolet Om and others.

Besides being able to use different buses, now we are given the freedom to change buses and the customization process is very complete, starting from paint, tires, wheels, lights, and some accessories. Find it in Indonesian bus cars.

Of course, what players want in the Bussid Mod game are the most helpful features in the game, because unlimited money, unlimited fuel, unlock all buses, and much more.

For more details about the features we have also summarized them below, for that, you can just see the discussion below.

Busted Mod features and advantages

Download Mod Livery Bussid, Trucks, Cars, Motorcycles

There are so many advantages of this Bussid Mod game, more precisely in the features section itself you can make it easy to play the game, not only for free but also enjoying game.

So don’t be surprised if many players from various circles are interested in playing the game, now you need to know that some of the advantages of the Bussid Mod game feature are not in the original version.

Ok, just for those who are curious, see the game information below.

1. Indonesian atmosphere

It has become a natural thing and as the name suggests Bus Simulator Indonesia, when you play this game you will get all the atmosphere like the first world, the atmosphere you will get different things in Indonesia.

2. 3D Graphics

Of course, a good display makes the games we play more interesting and fun, now again this Bussid Mod game it is interesting, it already holds 3D graphics quality, and this one concept is very good in the game, and can spoil our eyes when playing games.

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3. Livery design

For other advantages, it has provided a livery feature in this one game, now you can download it because now many offer it, the installation itself is very easy because it has features from the game, paste it into the game process.

4. Horn option

We know that Indonesian buses themselves have very unique horn characteristics, where we can find many choices of horns in the game, there is even a busy horn from some time ago, namely om telolet om.

5. Unlimited Money

We have also discussed above, in this mod variant, if there is an automatic feature in the game where the in-game money is unlimited.

You can use it in different ways, you can customize your car, buy a bus, fill up gas, send invoices, and much more.

6. Bus customization

If you want to make the bus you play more interesting, now you can use the customization features on the bus, which will make the car we use in the end look very attractive.

7. Wide selection of buses

There are many buses that you can use later, and all of them have different looks and models, so if you are tired of using the first bus for a long time, you can now use another bus to make it look better. Interesting.

8. Local road

Because this game is also from Indonesia and focuses more on Indonesian buses, the routes in this game are compatible with local routes, later you will find routes in Indonesia.

9. Choice of horns

A selection of trumpets that you can change, lots of horns that we can use, and some of them are directly in the game, so not just one, but many that we can install on our buses.

10. Play music

There is a feature in this game where we can import our favorite songs or music into the game, which can accompany your journey later when crossing the province.

Download the Bussid Mod (Bus Simulator Indonesia) Apk Complete

Download the Complete Bussid Bus Simulator Indonesia Apk Mod Link

Many players have been looking for the presence of this Bussid Mod game, considering that a game that is very suitable for our Android mobile devices, this game is actually very large, around 300 MB.

But even so, this game can still be played smoothly, even Android phones with 2 GB RAM capacity can already play this one game.

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Because the Bussid Mod game is a third-party development product, certainly, we cannot download the mod game through the play store, so you can only download the game via alternative links.

Well, before downloading the game itself, of course, it’s a good idea to try to check the details first, now you can see the details in the table below.

1. Bussid Mod (Indonesian Bus Simulator Application

App name Bus Simulator Mod Apk
Version: When Latest
File size 340 MB
Operating system support Android 4.4+
Price Free
OBB file link here
apk download link here

2. Bus Car Mod (Bus Simulator Indonesia)

App name Mod Truck Bussid Apk
Version: When Latest now
File size 340 MB
Operating system support Android 4.4+
Price Free
OBB file link here
Download link here

3. Livery Bussid Mod Apk is complete

App name Mod Livery Bussid Apk
Version: When new 2022
File size 340 MB
Operating system support Android 4.4+
Price Free
OBB file link here
Download link here

How to install Bussid Apk Mod

The process of installing the bussed game itself is not as difficult as you think, although it can only be done manually, the way to do it is still simple.

Now for your own way, you can see the full details below, we’ve made it as simple as possible:

  1. Make sure to download the apk and OBB files first.
  2. Then open the ZArchiver app.
  3. Then go to the download folder.
  4. Extract the OBB file first.
  5. If it has been extracted, move the OBB file to Internal/Android/Obb.
  6. As for the APK file, open it and click Install.
  7. If unknown sources appear during the installation process, you can click Allow.
  8. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  9. Done, not easy.

How to play the Bussid Mod game

Basically, this game is very easy for us to play, in our own way like you play simulation games in general, but more fun, because this game has a unique Indonesian twist.

If you are sure, now you should definitely try playing this one game because it is very interesting so that players can get new experiences while playing the game.

  1. The first step First opens the Bussid game.
  2. After you enter the main page.
  3. Now you can select the game mode on the right side.
  4. Here you have to choose…