PPSSPP ISO Game Download Small Size PSP Collection

PPSSPP game – PSP has become a very popular portable console, from then until now many fans themselves, although selling their own portable console is now more widely used, nothing new, but has been fixed on the subject. Make it look new.

The price of a used PSP is now affordable, not like it used to be in the millions, now it has become thousands of Schulters, the first PSP was released in 2004 and stopped producing itself. Around 2014.

In the past, only certain people could own a portable console, so not everyone could have one, if you tried it, someone would borrow it from a friend just out of curiosity.

Now for those who haven’t had time to try it or want to skip it, now it can be very easy, because you can already do it with the help of a smartphone device, namely a PSP emulator called PPSSPP.

Until now, many users have tried to play PSP games using emulators, so you must already know about emulators.

There are various types of games that we can play for free, now we share this opportunity for those of you who want ppsspp game suggestions, so this time you can read our review to the end.

The best PPSSPP game is a must try.

The best PPSSPP game is a must try.

Of course, if you are still confused about which PPSSPP games are fun to play, now we will suggest some fun games for you to play.

It’s not bad to fill your spare time by playing games on this emulator, so let’s go straight to the recommendations for the best PPSSPP games that you should try and here is the list.

1. God of War: Olympus Chain

God of War is a very popular game series that tells the story of Kratos, the God of War series that is still on Olympus Chains or connected to the stories of other God of War games.

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Revenge, because it is not much different from the god of war series in general where Kratos himself is assigned to fight the Greek gods, basically this game is very interesting as a typical god of war fight.

2. God of War: Spirit of Sparta

Not only the olympus series, there is also a god of war on psp devices namely god of war, god of sparta, there are many differences from the previous series that we are talking about, but there is a different story.

This game is one of the best games that you should also try, the gameplay is fun and not boring.

3. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

One of the games recommended by players who have played PPSSPP games, Naruto Shippuden Unlimited Ninja Impact is a game that we also recommend.

Considering this game also takes the story from the anime series, you should try to fill your spare time or Naruto fans will be forced to play it because it is very fun for us to play.

4. Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Drive

There are many naruto game series on psp besides ninja influence there is a kizuna drive which is the same as the naruto game we discussed above this series has very good graphic quality but comes with rough gameplay in comparison. ninja influence.

But I still recommend you to play it, because there are many missions in it that you can do.

5. Kingdom Hearts – Born in Sleep

This game called Kingdom Hearts itself is one of the most popular game series known by many people, but it may seem rare in Indonesia, but many have played the game.

There’s also a sequel on the PSP portable console itself, Kingdom Hearts is Born in Sleep, a game that tells the story of Ventus, Aqua, and Terra’s quest to save the in-game world.

There will be many balls that you can do, of course every action will be fun and you will not get bored while playing the players, so one tip is also for you.

6. Dragon Ball Z – Tenkaichi tag team

If you really don’t like dragon ball evolution now you can try the series from dragon ball straight from the anime, Dragon Ball Z Tenhaichi Tag Team is one of the recommended games to play ppsspp emulator games. .

If the gameplay is addictive and the 3D graphics quality makes you addicted to playing the game, then the game is not rigid with physical movements so that we as players can get a good and cool game.

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7. The need for speed carbon – city owners

It’s common to hear the NFS game or Need for Speed, this car racing game series is one of the most popular series, on PSP devices there are various NFS game series, one of which is the owner of the city, The Need for Carbon Speed.

Offering exciting racing games, with good graphics quality, making the playing experience even more enjoyable, moreover there are dozens of cars that can be used and changed according to taste with the NFS feature.

8. The need for speed – highly desirable

Not only the need for speed carbon, but there is another series that is very popular with everyone, namely the need for speed. .

However, it still gives a different feel of the place or location, cars and many other things, here does not offer an open world system, but still offers a very interesting race.

This could be one of the tips that you should try to complete.

9. Technology 6

Tekken 6 is the best fighting game that we can play on the PPSSPP emulator, this game is similar to street fighter but the Tekken game series has its own character that cannot be matched by other fighting games.

Because it has its own fans, Tekken 6 itself offers exciting gameplay, exciting battles, and many other Tekken characters such as Jin, Kazuya, Nina, Paul, King and many more.

10. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

If we talk about console games, it will definitely feel a little lacking if the Grand Theft Auto game series is not included, now on this PPSSPP emulator there are at least some GTA games that we can play, one of which is Grand Theft. The story of the vice city of the car.

It’s not as popular as GTA Sa but still this one game is mandatory for you to play because many fans or those who like the GTA series can now play it on Android mobile devices with the help of PPSSPP. .

11. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Story

And as we said, there are many GTA games that you can play on the psp itself, not only Vice City Stories, but also Liberty City Stories, this series is not much different from the PS 2 console.

It tells about the city of freedom where you can complete various fun and action missions, all the features presented in this game are totally the same, and it will be one of the games recommended by many people including us.

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12. Silent Hill: Origin

Silent Hill Origins This game is a silent hill game series with the horror genre, so for gamers who like horror and jumping, this game is highly recommended for you.

By using a third person point of view, this game will make players feel fear for the first time in the game, because in this game all aspects are made as scary as possible.

In fact, the Silent Hill game itself is one of the scariest games ever made.

13. NBA Live 06

For basketball lovers, especially the NBA, you must try the NBA Live 06 game. This game can be said to be old but the taste of this game can still be played comfortably. For those who want to reminisce, you can try one of the games ii.

14. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Shin Megami Tensei Persona is one of the Persona game series on the PSP, of course, the game series was very popular from the past, in the concept of anime this game was actually the target of the wibu at that time.

Tells the story of a young man who must adventure in a world full of monsters where our character must be able to defeat all the monsters in the world, and the gameplay of this game is like an RPG in Final Fantasy games. .

PPSSPP Game Tips A to Z

PPSSPP Game Tips A to Z

If you feel the games above are lacking, you don’t need to worry because when the PSP console was released, there were hundreds of games that you could play from A to Z.

Now for those who are curious and want to know about the game, you can see below, we have prepared a list of PPSSPP AZ games.

PPSSPP Game List (A)

  • 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
  • Ace Combat – Joint Attack
  • 3rd birthday
  • Asphalt – GT City 2
  • Ace Combat X – Sky of Deception
  • Two armies – day 40
  • Avatar – The Last Airbender
  • Assassin’s Creed – Bloodline

PPSSPP Game List (B)

  • Ben 10 – Alien Power
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers – core defender
  • Black Rock Shooter – Game (Japan)
  • Ben 10 – Alien Force Vilgax Attack
  • Ben 10 – Defender of the Earth
  • Ben 10 – The Last Alien – Space Disaster
  • BlazBlue – Continuous Shift II
  • Blazblue – Disaster Trigger Phone
  • Bleach – Carnival of Souls 2 (Japan)
  • Bleach – Heat…