BitLife: Life Simulator MOD APK 3.2.15 (All Unlocked) for Android

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For those interested in realistic simulation games, BitLife – Life simulator It’s definitely a great game to watch. It has everything you need in a life simulation game. You will get many different interactive features, which will give you a lot of fun. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


The game is for the players to discover and shape their own stories, which is why you are free to do anything in BitLife and decide which way your actions will go. It begins your life as a sperm. You will have access to all relevant options related to your characters. Do everything as you please, make your own decisions, and know whether they are right or wrong.

Main characteristics

Here are some of the most popular features that we think every BitLife โ€“ Life Simulator player will love.

Personal statistics to evaluate yourself

In this game, you, the player, will experience various actions and decisions which will ultimately affect your personal statistics.


This is one of the most important stats as it determines your happiness levels. When you stay happy, things are more likely to happen your way and you feel more fulfilled when you do things. On the other hand, low happiness means your characters may suffer from depression. This makes him/her ineffective in all the activities he/she participates in.

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Good health is always a must if you want to live a fulfilling life. This will allow you to engage in more activities, increase work performance and avoid a short and unfinished life.

The smart ones

People need to be smart enough to understand the things around them. That being said, you should spend some time researching and learning new things so that you can upgrade your smartphone.

feel like

You are born with the faces your parents give you. It can be ugly or beautiful, it doesn’t matter. Everything can change in BitLife – Life Simulator. It only takes a little money to support you. That being said, to improve your appearance, you can undergo plastic surgeries that can turn you into Brad Pitt. If you feel that the old one is not suitable for a long time, you can go as far as changing your gender.

Various activities to enjoy

Being a life simulation title, players will have the option to try everything and face your own consequences.


This is probably the most boring activities, but because it brings you money, you can not skip this. You need money to run a business, buy what you need, and support those you love.

Club game

And once in a while, clubbing isn’t a bad idea. It helps reduce stress and allows you to meet new people. Who can be your future partner? Also, while staying at the club, you will encounter all kinds of situations like fights, marijuana being given away by others, etc.


It is important to keep your body in shape to look better and attract other people. In addition, having a good fitness will allow you to maintain your good physique. This can be useful in certain situations such as burglars visiting your home or fighting bullies and so on.

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Plastic surgery

Another way to get a good look is to go to plastic surgeons. Having a successful surgery will transform you into a beautiful person. You’ll have a better chance of finding an attractive date.


Always studying is always the surest way to bring you success. However, the learning process is incredibly long and tedious, it would take a lot of your time to complete your education. If you can’t handle that, there are other ways to succeed.


If you don’t want to study, of course, there are other ways to get rich relatively quickly. And one of those is going to a casino where people put their lives on the line. Win and you can earn a fortune that will take a lifetime of constant work. It’s gone and you’ll have nothing left.

committing crimes

If you’re not making enough money at the casino, gambling may not be your thing. In this case, why not take your business elsewhere? Specifically, the ways of crime aren’t too bad for you. Well, if you don’t get caught, of course. That being said, you can make some serious money doing illegal activities.


However, for those unlucky enough to find themselves in jail, life can be a little bleak. When you’re in prison, you don’t have much to do, which eventually leads to poor health, unhappiness, etc.

So, if you think you can’t handle it, you can plan an escape to take away your freedom. Or you can ask for it to be added to your sentence.

Interactive NPCs with realistic features

With many interactive NPCs with realistic bodies, players can experience interesting interactions with other characters in the game. You can make them your friend, date or even your own partner if you want. Each character comes with certain characteristics that distinguish them.

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feel like

Depending on your preferences, this can be one of the most important aspects or the least.

The smart ones

Having a smart friend or partner can be a great help as they can come up with wonderful solutions to your problems. They are also easy to get along with and can give you a happy life.


Although money is not everything, it is something that should not be overlooked. Having rich friends will be good for your business as they can help you with many things. As for a partner, a rich partner allows you to live a comfortable life without worrying about most things.


All NPCs in the game exhibit this trait. It shows how willing they are to do things that are out of their minds. While it might be fun to make fast friends with them, a stable relationship doesn’t seem like a good option.

Have a relationship and create a family

And if you think you have found the right person of your life. Both of you can get along and start your own family. If you want to expand your family and bring more laughter to the family, you can have your own children or adopt others.

Visual and sound quality

Visually speaking, the game has no visible graphic elements as the game is text based. But, with a clean organization, you have access to all the options whenever you want. The sound effects are somewhat interesting as it features soundtracks that are relevant in certain situations in your daily life.

Download the latest BitLife Mod 3.2.15 Android APK

For those who want a great simulation game to enjoy in their spare time. With relatively deep gameplay, you can enjoy all aspects of life in BitLife โ€“ Life Simulator.

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