Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK 2.0.6 (Unlimited Money) for Android

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For those who are interested in the exciting driving simulation game, this new title from Zoox Games will surely impress you. That said, in the game, players will find themselves enjoying an immersive bus simulator experience with some of the most detailed in-game features you’ll love.

Enjoy the amazing gameplay The ultimate bus simulator As you try to create your own bus driving empire around the world. Enjoy the real bus driving game with deep in-game mechanics and many exciting features. Explore and experience the amazing in-game options as you efficiently guide characters through realistic roads, transport your customers to their desired destinations and enjoy realistic simulation gameplay in dynamic environments.

Find out more about the amazing Bus Simulator: Ultimate mobile game with our full review.


In the game, Android players can take on their own unique bus driving experience by establishing a globally based company. Here, you will have a chance to enjoy the amazing driving simulation game and enjoy many interesting aspects by diving into the businesses.

Create your company in specific countries, set up travel routes and get your drivers registered with the company. Offer your services to clients and grow your business on the go. Open more offices in countries around the world and find new lines established with your company. Hire new drivers, discover new buses and learn real bus simulator routes in this ultimate game.

And at the same time, feel free to engage in a deep driving simulation game where players can fully enjoy the amazing gameplay. Explore and practice in-depth driving simulations in real traffic and dynamic environments. The game lets you fully experience the bus driving experience.

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Main characteristics

Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer

Create your own bus driving business

For beginner Android players, Bus Simulator: Ultimate can enjoy the amazing in-game experiences of their own bus driving business. Here you can enjoy being the rich of your own bus driving empire. Feel free to enjoy amazing in-game experiences by driving a bus while setting up offices from around the world. Enjoy driving on unique and realistic roads that experience in-game experiences. Create your bus driving company and dominate the global markets with many competitors.

Explore real drives around the world

And at the same time, for those who are interested, the game also allows players to enjoy their amazing drives around the world. To set up your offices in different countries and enjoy your real drivers in different countries. Create different ways for your customers to book their tickets when you start shipping in different places around the world.

Final screenshot of Bus Simulator 2

Realistic passengers with their own interaction

Speaking of which, for those who are interested, Bus Simulator: Ultimate, the game features in-depth passenger mechanics that make the entire experience extremely realistic. With that said, your passengers can have their own opinions of your services and give you feedback on each of their trips.

Feel free to check out their reviews and comments after completing the trips. Explore the social elements in the game as you try to improve your company’s reputation in Bus Simulator: Ultimate. Enjoy dynamic bus simulator gameplay with deep customer mechanics.

Enjoy many interesting buses

For those who are interested Bus Simulator: Ultimate It also offers many interesting buses from different brands and countries for you to try. Feel free to shop 13 different coach buses, each with their own unique builds and features, as you prepare for your own epic journeys. Experience different rides with any of your cars and enjoy the amazing bus driving game.

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Here, you’ll find that each of your vehicles will have their own authentic interior, boasting different designs and layouts. And at the same time, even bus sounds differ from each other in terms of actual sound effects.

Enjoy interesting radio stations while driving

As you dive into the addictive bus driving game, the game introduces a lot of fun on the road for the drivers to enjoy. Here, there are more than 250 different radio stations, where you can enjoy their interesting shows with realistic recording sessions. When you are ready, feel free to enjoy the amazing in-game experiences and enjoy the amazing simulation game.

Final screenshot of bus simulator 3

Real roads with many amazing features

To make the game more interesting, Android players will find real in-game elements whenever they dive into the game of your own bus driving game. Take your favorite buses to different routes and enjoy realistic experiences as you go.

And as they dive deeper into the rides, players will find themselves enjoying the many interactive elements in the game in realistic ways. Start with the actual highway tolls placed on the road and they will cost you a certain amount. The roads will also have a rest area for your bus and customers. Experience real journeys and introduce your customers to many exciting services along the way.

At the same time, feel free to enter the actual drivers that will allow you to enjoy the realistic game traffic system. Enjoy driving your realistic cars, explore real roads with deep traffic moving around you, dynamic weather and smart AI vehicles. Additionally, the variable weather conditions with multiple scenarios make the trips more realistic and enjoyable.

Simple and accessible touch controls

To make the driving game more realistic and enjoyable, Android players in Bus Simulator: Ultimate are introduced with simple and accessible touch controls that they can fully utilize. Feel free to hop on your different vehicles and explore the unique controls for each bus. But still simple and easy controls with tilt functions, virtual touch buttons and steering wheel allow you to precisely guide your buses in the right direction.

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Enjoy the game with friends and online players

For those who are interested, Bus Simulator: Ultimate offers an exciting online game that you can enjoy whenever you want. Feel free to join the multiplayer Ultimate League as you start your driving competition with real players. Build your companies and work hard to compete with others in the transportation industry.

Final screenshot of bus simulator 4

Enjoy your amazing bus driving game in different languages

To make the game suitable for players in different countries, Bus Simulator: Ultimate comes with subtitles in more than 25 different languages. Here you can enjoy in-depth language support to enjoy the bus driving experience in any of your native languages. Feel free to relax and enjoy the amazing bus simulator game: to the fullest.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting in-game features, Android players in Bus Simulator: Ultimate can also enjoy their favorite game completely free. That being said, you can easily get the game from Google Play Store without paying anything.

Enjoy the content unlocked by our mod

If you find the game a little annoying because of the ads and in-game purchases, you can also enjoy the game completely. Open game on our website. Feel free to download and install Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK, follow the given instructions and you should be ready to enjoy the full game. Get unlimited money, ads removed and many awesome features.

Visual and sound quality


With stunning 3D graphics, Bus Simulator: Ultimate introduces Android players to one of the most amazing bus simulation games on your mobile devices. Here, players will find themselves riding on authentic tracks in different countries. And at the same time, experience realistic physics and dynamic environments with amazing in-game elements.


Along with realistic graphics, the game also allows players to fully immerse themselves into the experience with exciting audio. Here, you can enjoy amazing sound effects and relaxing soundtracks that will keep you engaged in the game. Not to mention the amazing journeys with the right radio stations make the game more fun and exciting.

Final thoughts

Bus Simulator Indonesia is an amazing bus driving game and for those who want all its features, this new game from Zoox will allow you to enjoy your amazing journey with its many amazing experiences.

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