Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy MOD APK v1.9.4 (Unlocked)

Going through with the Bennett Foddy poster
Here comes the latest mobile version of the popular PC game that has made many gamers crazy. Now, Android gamers can finally experience the unique and frustratingly satisfying gameplay of Catching Up with Bennett Foddy.

Find yourself in this desperate yet undeniably addictive quest to catch up with Bennett Foddy. Taking on an impossible mission as you attempt to climb a massive mountain full of devastating obstacles. And what you have in your hand is literally a hammer stuck in your hand. That being said, sometimes, you wish you could use your hands, but that’s impossible.

And worst of all, with the already annoying gameplay, you’ll find yourself constantly bothered by the narrator’s comments throughout your adventure.

Having said that, the game is not just for the incoherent and sane. Be careful not to make yourself angry and weak.

Find out why this game is a huge hit with our comprehensive review.

Finding 1 of screenshots by Bennett Foddy


The game is so incredibly structured that you’ll probably find its popularity quite unusual. But once you find yourself in the game, you’ll understand why it’s been called the “infuriatingly satisfying” game.

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Start your journey with your average-looking character sitting in a giant pot, half-naked, and wearing underpants. You will not be allowed to get off that jar throughout the adventure, and let go of your hammer. And don’t think about breaking the pot because it’s impossible.

That being said, players encountering Bennett Foddy will find themselves in the odd situation of having to climb a giant mountain without your hammer. Besides, there will be no checkpoint, save option or anything. Your only option is to finish the game by leveling up, which takes days and weeks.

And in the meantime, find yourself listening to the witty quotes and comments from the storyteller. Be sure not to let your anger explode. After all, the game is designed to hurt you. But somehow you keep coming back for more.

Main characteristics

Here you will find yourself enjoying all the features the game has to offer.

A game that you can get to know surprisingly easily

Ending with Bennett Foddy features a simple game that you will quickly become familiar with. That being said, it won’t take you long to get used to what you have to do in the game. The optimized touch controls make it relatively easy for you to perform various maneuvers to swing your hammer and pass your obstacles. However, even though it’s very simple, the difficulties quickly increase and it will soon be until you are completely frustrated with the annoying obstacles.

Amazingly realistic and responsive physics

And as if that wasn’t enough, the game also features realistic and responsive physics that are both satisfying and frustrating at times. That said, you can easily use the laws of physics to get your characters past obstacles. However, sometimes, it’s the responsive physics that can derail your overall progress.

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One missed touch, an unexpected move, or a stupid accident, anything can send you from the great heavens to the depths of hell. Experience the sudden changes of mood as you find yourself in this amazing game.

Finding 2 screenshots by Bennett Foddy

Along with the annoyingly addictive gameplay, Entering with Bennett Foddy also introduces players to the “authentic” philosophical opinions and quotes spoken by the storyteller. Instead of feeling a little frustrated after each accident, it’s more annoying.

However, it is fun. You should overcome your anger and try to focus on your goal. It means the world if you can clear your exams. And when you’re calm enough, you may find that the sayings make a little bit of sense.

Train your patience and endurance as you overcome this endless challenge

Players of Encounters with Bennett Foddy will enjoy hours of challenge as the game is surprisingly harder and deeper than you might imagine. You will find yourself climbing huge mountains, climbing over obstacles again and again before reaching the top of the mountain.

It may take a couple of hours or dozens of hours for some people. But the thing is, when you finish the game, you will definitely feel satisfied and you will find yourself ready for any challenge in the future. It’s something you’ll never have in other games.

Finding 3 screenshots by Bennett Foddy

Enjoy the game again and again

It doesn’t matter if you keep failing, the joy is in the process, not the end. So don’t be afraid to face challenges and move forward. This is what the game taught me and you will definitely learn something with it.

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Enjoy ad-free experiences while playing the game

Last but not least, in Meet with Bennett Foddy, players will find themselves enjoying a completely ad-free game where they will never be disturbed by annoying ads in between your tests. Install this amazing game on your mobile device and play whenever and wherever you want.

Visual and sound quality


Although the game is basically a 2D platformer, it still features beautifully and realistically designed environments. You will find your climbing challenge relatively interactive with realistic visual effects in the game. Small details like when your hammer hits the metal and sparks or when you try to grab the stones and so on. These elements elevate the game to a whole new level.


The game has accurate and precise sound effects that will keep you completely engrossed in the gameplay. On top of that, the “wise” comments made by the storyteller also make it more engaging and entertaining.

How to install Bennett Foddy APK with OBB data file

  1. Install the APK on your device, don’t open the app.
  2. Extract the OBB file /SDKARD/android/obb/com.noodlecake.gettingoverit. Make sure it’s an OBB file ( is placed in com.noodlecake.gettingoverit Archives.
  3. Restart the game. Enjoy!

Download Access by Bennett Foddy latest 1.9.4 Android Apk

Fans of the popular Human: Fall Flat now have another exciting idle game to install on their mobile devices. Especially, you can easily enjoy mobile gaming whenever and wherever you want. Also, the game is completely ad-free so you don’t get distracted by annoying ads while enjoying the game. After you’re done, find yourself in a serious challenge that will change your mind dramatically. More than a game, ending up with Bennett Foddy is like a life lesson.

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