Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D MOD APK 2.8.21 (Unlimited Money)


Get ready for the most amazing action episodes you can find on your mobile device GUNSHIP BATTLE: HELICOPTER 3D. Join a fleet of helicopters, fighter jets and more as you dive into endless helicopter missions around the world. Fight enemies and crimes in different locations, to master unique and exciting missions.

In GUNSHIP BATTLE: HELICOPTER 3D, indulge yourself in an exciting helicopter battle and enjoy every moment you spend in the sky. Involve yourself in various missions and challenges. Enjoy exciting gameplay with deep gameplay and immersive experiences. All available on your mobile devices.

Find out more about the amazing mobile title from JOYCITY Corp in our full review.


In the game, Android players will find themselves playing the role of a helicopter pilot and enjoying each and every task in the in-game adventures. Feel free to explore the life of an army pilot and overcome various missions and challenges. Explore the incredibly exciting and immersive gameplay of GUNSHIP BATTLE: HELICOPTER 3D with thrilling action, epic sky battles and incredible explosions.

And at the same time, find yourself finding a variety of different vehicles, each of which has its own unique design and functions. Choose your rotary or fixed wing VTOL aircraft and engage in your ultimate missions and missions. Experience different flights with your airships and enjoy yourself in the amazing flight experiences in the game. Discover the beautiful and awe-inspiring skies as you take your characters through many amazing missions.

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Main characteristics

Here are all the interesting features that the game has to offer

Intuitive and immersive touch controls

To begin with, Android players in GUNSHIP BATTLE: HELICOPTER 3D are completely engrossed in the exciting action gameplay and tactical air battles. And to help you through missions and aerial challenges, the game offers intuitive and accessible touch controls so you can quickly engage and take full advantage of it.

Simply adjust the height of the helicopters up and down, swipe on the screen to adjust their moving directions and feel free to play with different shooting and aiming options in GUNSHIP BATTLE: HELICOPTER 3D. Choose different weapons, fire multiple rounds of rockets or bullets at the targets and achieve your goals. All can be done easily thanks to the touch controls in the game.


Choose between several fleets

And for those who are interested, you can now immerse yourself in the exciting gameplay of GUNSHIP BATTLE: HELICOPTER 3D by choosing between dozens of different fleets. Here, you can freely take the aircraft of your choice for some air missions, each of which has its own weaknesses and strengths. If you want to maneuver the aircraft freely in different situations, work with a versatile helicopter. Choose the fighter jet if you want to enjoy some amazing air battles and action against the opponents. And use the massive and fully featured Sky Castle to unleash the ultimate bombardment on enemies.

And within each of these categories, there are also a variety of aircraft choices for Android players to work with, each with its own unique characteristics and flight experience. So you will definitely see that Android players are interested in the game.

Equip your helicopters with powerful tools and equipment

And for those not interested, you can now take advantage of powerful helicopters and their customizable configurations, each with their own weapons and equipment. Feel free to equip your chopper and jet with multiple weapons, each with its own unique power. From unleashing endless rounds of 30mm bullets to unleashing your explosive cannon and more. You can use many weapons to effectively destroy your enemies.

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At the same time, you’ll also find yourself interesting equipment, which can enhance your flying skills and help you in battle. Have better navigation with the helicopter, find yourself moving faster and more accurately, unlock better armor and protection for flying ships, and more. All available in GUNSHIP BATTLE: HELICOPTER 3D.

Take part in your own ultimate pilot story

Throughout the game, Android players will be enjoying the fun in-game missions of GUNSHIP BATTLE: MISSION HELICOPTER 3D, which offers some of the most amazing and exciting real-life experiences. Here, you will take on different missions, each with its own story, gameplay and amazing challenges to complete. And most importantly, the improved in-game mechanics make the whole experience more realistic.

Participate in many special missions for amazing rewards

And along with the usual missions and challenges, GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D now offers Android players some of its unique missions, along with exciting gameplay and exciting experiences. Here, Android players can freely immerse themselves in the action and enjoy amazing stories as they progress. But best of all, these special missions give you tons of exciting rewards that aren’t available anywhere else.


Enjoy the amazing custom missions

To make the game more interesting, you can play freely to complete your old missions or have fun customizing your own special missions. Feel free to make changes to your existing missions to make them more or less difficult, allowing you to enjoy them more. All this will enhance your entire in-game experience of GUNSHIP BATTLE: HELICOPTER 3D.


Play the game with or without internet

And if you often find yourself spending some free time on the go, especially during your daily commute, GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D should definitely appeal to you with its engaging and completely offline gameplay. As a result, you can freely enjoy the mobile title without connecting to the Internet and enjoy it wherever you go.

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Free to play

And despite all the exciting in-game features, you can now indulge yourself in the GUNSHIP BATTLE: HELICOPTER 3D free gameplay available for all your Android devices. Simply get the game from the Google Play Store and you can start having fun with it, no payment required.

Enjoy the unlocked version of the game on our website

You can also start enjoying GUNSHIP BATTLE: HELICOPTER 3D for free with the unlocked version of the game now available on our website. Here, you can enjoy unlimited money and ads removed, allowing the game to be fully unlocked for Android players to fully experience. All it needs is to download it. GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D mod APK On our website, follow the instructions, and you should be ready to go.

Visual and sound quality


Right off the bat, Android players in GUNSHIP BATTLE: HELICOPTER 3D will definitely be amazed by the stunning graphics in their first mission. Enjoy taking on the ultimate action levels and strategic air battles as you immerse yourself in beautiful environments, fly aboard amazing airships and enjoy spectacular action with powerful explosions. And with fully optimized gameplay, you can always enjoy smooth and satisfying gameplay on your Android device, including large-screen tablets.

Sound and music

Along with the stunning in-game visuals, GUNSHIP BATTLE: HELICOPTER 3D now offers exciting audio elements for Android players to be fully immersed. Here, you can find yourself completely attached to the experiences and enjoy the full exploration of the best helicopter wars game, thanks to the powerful sound effects and engaging soundtracks.

Final thoughts

For those of you who are looking for the exciting gameplay of WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II and World of Submarines, you can now indulge yourself in another great action mobile game. But this time, you will find yourself exploring the beautiful skies in thrilling air battles. And best of all, with the unlocked and free version of the game on our website, you can fully enjoy the experience.

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