Score Hero MOD APK 2.75 (Unlimited Money) for Android

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Become a hero when you experience the unique football game in Score Hero as you participate in realistic football matches in a new approach. That said, you’ll find yourself in critical situations that call for your penalties and skills rather than participating in every event during gameplay.

Deliver amazing passes to open up chances for your teammates or unleash powerful shots that burn the net. Turn the ball how you want as the opponents stand up.

Find out more about this amazing game in our reviews from First Touch Games.


In the game, players are allowed to create their own soccer player, follow his amazing career as you find yourself in several situations where you are the most backward in the game. Use your amazing skills and tactical skills to turn the tide as you rise above them.

Experience an immersive soccer career game like never before in Score Hero. Discover multiple challenges both in-game and out-of-game where you have to make quick and critical decisions based on the situation.

So keep calm, play with your skills and become the best soccer player the world has ever produced.

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Main characteristics

Here you will find all the exciting features that the game has to offer.

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Feel free to customize your hero player

Right off the bat, players in Score Hero will get fully customizable character upgrades. Here you are free to create a variety of characters including hairstyle, facial hair, physique, uniform, number, accessories and more.

Create awesome heroes with unique looks and feel so you can take them out on the field. Compete against the best players in the game as you bring glory to yourself and your country.

Additionally, if you want to change your appearance once you’re in the game, there are also in-game mods that you can use.

An intuitive and addictive game

With simple controls, Score Hero introduces players to the most accessible gameplay. With intuitive features, you can easily master the game and progress quickly. However, it doesn’t seem like you’ve already mastered the game as the following levels get harder and harder. But don’t worry as the addictive gameplay will keep you coming back for more.

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Hundreds of different levels to explore

To allow you to fully explore the exciting and addictive gameplay, Score Hero currently contains more than 660 different levels. Each of them offers unique features and challenges, which you will definitely be interested in.

Not to mention that the ever-increasing difficulty will keep the game fun for as long as possible. And with each update more levels are added, you will find yourself enjoying the game more.

Find an interesting work situation in the game

When you dive into Score Hero, you’ll have access to the amazing workspace where you can start your own journey. Start with humble beginnings and work your way up the ranks to play for the best teams in the world. Handle multiple opponents and always fight as hard as you can to pick up victories.

However, the amazing career you are about to experience doesn’t stop there. In fact, you will find yourself in many ups and downs while enjoying the life of a footballer. Get involved in unique stories that will change your entire career. Many things await you in the future.

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Be the best soccer player and give glory to your country

Find yourself fulfilling your childhood dreams in Score Hero as you learn to become an important player on the team. Work better with your teammates, improve your technique, discover different strategies, etc.

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Try your best to beat your opponent, receive awards, collect trophies and represent your country in the biggest tournaments around the world. Bring honor to yourself and your country.

Experience regular events for amazing rewards

As you dive into the exciting career game, the game introduces regular events that you and your team can participate in. Compete yourself in exciting events while earning medals and honors for your team. Of course, there will be no short period of grace for you.

In addition to the amazing events in your career, players in Score Hero will also see themselves introduced to the immersive soccer game. Here, there will be many critical situations that you will find yourself in.

It is important to make the right adjustments to the situation and come up with good solutions. Choose the right tactics, make smart passes to open up opportunities and more. With advanced AI that intelligently reacts to your movements, you can discover the deeper tactical aspects of the game.

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Challenge your friends in fun matches

And if you’ve been finding the single-player game challenging lately, you might want to check out a fun match with your friends. Connect the game to your Facebook account and you will see all your friends playing this game. Challenge each other in exciting football battles and many different challenges in general.

Raise your reputation globally with amazing achievements and leaderboards

Additionally, you can compete with all online players around the world by completing achievements or compete for the top spot in the leaderboards. Play football and be the one who comes out on top. Find out who will come out on top in this epic adventure.

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Never lose your progress

And if you want your in-game progress to be protected, you can easily connect the game to Google Play Cloud, which automatically saves your progress when you’re online. Plus, it syncs your savings across multiple devices. So whether you’re playing on a phone or tablet, you can pick up where you left off.

Play the game with or without internet

Moreover, to make the game a perfect mobile game that you can enjoy on your mobile device, the creators of Score Hero even introduce offline play. With it, whenever you are ready, you are allowed to enjoy the amazing soccer experiences in the game without having a proper internet connection.

Free to play

And despite all the interesting features, Score Hero is currently listed as a free game on the Google Play Store. So you can easily install it on your devices without paying anything. This makes it perfect for someone on a budget.

Experience unlimited money with our mod

In addition, if you want to experience a more satisfying gameplay, you can fully check out the exciting mode that we have to offer. That said, with us Download Mod APK here, you can easily get annoying ads as well as unlimited money features. Feel free to buy whatever you want in this game.

Visual and sound quality


Featuring stunning 3D graphics, Score Hero introduces players to the next-gen soccer game on the mobile platform. On top of that, cutscenes and smooth animations introduce players to more satisfying gaming experiences than ever before. You feel like you are enjoying a good story as the main character.


It’s hard not to love this game, from the amazing sound experiences from the fans to the authentic sound effects of the matches.

Download Effect Hero Mod Latest 2.75 Android APK

Football fans in Score Hero will experience unique gameplay that you’ve never seen before. That being said, intuitive and interactive levels allow you to choose multiple progressions in the matches. Customize your characters and make your own choices to experience unique career paths in Score Hero.

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