RFS Real Flight Simulator Pro Mod Apk 1.6.4 (All planes Unlocked) for Android

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For those of you who are interested in air travel and want to know how the entire industry works, you will definitely find this amazing mobile game from RORTOS to enjoy. This in-depth and realistic aspects of the game will introduce you to every aspect of business from planning to operations and it will only end when your planes successfully board their target destinations.

Deep and immersive gameplay for those who want it RFS – Real Flight Simulator It gives you endless opportunities to experience the lives of everyone who works in the airline industry. From being a pilot and taking control of your aircraft with many options, to being the person who works at the air traffic control station. You can learn to fly with several options for your next flights.

Find out more about this amazing game in our full review of RFS โ€“ Real Flight Simulator.


As you can imagine, RFS โ€“ Real Flight Simulator introduces Android players to exciting flight simulation experiences, allowing you to experience the entire process of completing air transport between specific locations.

That being said, you will have the opportunity to be involved in multiple tasks such as planning your company’s next flights, getting the schedules cleared and ready, making specific preparations and maintenance on the aircraft, and following all the necessary procedures exactly like the real one. Take flight, and take full control of your plane after it goes off the track.

Here, you will encounter many realistic scenarios as your plane travels between destinations. Start by making sure you’re flying in the right direction, keeping a good distance from other aircraft, and checking all parameters. And in some cases, you’ll find yourself facing bad weather, unwanted system crashes, and more. Thus, it allows you to fully experience the amazing flights.

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Main characteristics

Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer

Reach your own airport with realistic elements

To begin with, Android players in RFS – Real Flight Simulator will experience a fully functional airport with real in-game elements. That means, your airports will show you satellite images of all the flights currently in operation, the taxi routes where drivers pick up passengers, the arrival and departure zones where travelers get off and board their planes, and so on. The actual and realistic 3D buildings will make your entire in-game experiences more fun and exciting.

Screenshot of Real Flight Simulator 1

Practice your job in air traffic control

Before boarding the plane, players can pick up several important notifications from air traffic control to prepare for their next flight. These include satellite terrain and elevation maps, which provide all the useful information and data you need about your upcoming flight. Plan with ATC to set the correct departure and arrival times with the correct routes.

In addition, during your flight, you can always stay in touch with ATC through interactive voiced ATC procedures and communications. Check all the necessary frequencies and get them properly updated by the guys in ATC. Check your ATIS, GROUND TOWER, APROACH and more.

Feel free to check your plane before your flight

To prepare for your next flight, players in RFS – Real Flight Simulator are allowed to freely test their aircraft and choose many customizations. Start using the advanced multi-panel system to make changes to your aircraft instruments and parameters. In addition, you can perform some tests on the aircraft to ensure that it is working properly. From inspecting working parts and lights to checking the controls in your 3D cockpit. That being said, it’s possible for players to have their own live streams on each plane, which is absolutely incredible.

Explore the depth control system on your aircraft

And while you’re on the plane, RFS โ€“ Real Flight Simulator introduces Android players to deep control options that give you complete control and maneuverability over the plane. Here you can access an advanced multi-panel system that displays a complete set of control options for your aircraft.

Feel free to browse through the map, engines, fuel, FMS, altimeter/anemo, and more. And with intuitive indicators you can take information about air/ground/vertical speed, Altitude AGL/ASM, ETE Next/Dest, Ground/OAT Teamp, Wind and so on. The complete information and data will amaze even those currently working as professional flight operators.

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In addition, Android gamers are provided with many control options to control your plane which allows you to freely steer the planes to the desired routes. Use the main throttle, flaps, landing gears, brakes, rudder, pushback and spoiler as you learn how to operate a commercial airplane in the most intuitive ways.

Screenshot of Real Flight Simulator 2

Make various improvements while flying

To make the game more interesting, players are also allowed to make various upgrades to their planes while flying. Feel free to customize your fuel, passengers and overall field load even during flight to try out some changes to your aircraft. Or change the weather between completely different conditions when trying to manage in difficult weather conditions. And if you want, you can make changes to the planes to see exactly what happens when there are problems with the engines or the system. The game is not only about flying and controlling your planes, but also a great simulation of many situations that can happen during your flight.

Enjoy playing your online game anytime

For those interested, RFS โ€“ Real Flight Simulator is your perfect opportunity to meet players from all over the world as it allows you to enjoy a complete and detailed online game. Here, you can participate in real-time flights with at least 40,000 real-time flights from around the world every day. Join the global gameplay as you jump on real-time flights from various airports around the world. Take control of each operational plane and guide them to their target destinations as you progress.

And to make the game even more interesting, you can enjoy chatting with pilots from all over the world who are controlling real-time flights as we speak. It’s one hell of an experience for any of you who are interested in this kind of activity.

Pick up where you left off and start enjoying

On top of that, to make it as easy and convenient as possible for Android players, RFS โ€“ Real Flight Simulator features a quick access option that allows you to resume an abandoned activity every time you connect to the game. That means, you can easily continue your flight and bring the customers to their desired destination.

Real flight simulator screenshot 3

Enjoy the game for free

And despite all these amazing features, the game still offers free gameplay for Android players to enjoy their flight simulation experience to some extent. So you can easily access the amazing game from Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

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Unlock the Pro subscription with our mod

However, since it’s a freemium game, you can’t expect everything to be completely free and open. So ads and in-game purchases are definitely unavoidable. For those of you who want to enjoy the full game without paying, you may want to check out our enhanced version of the game instead.

With it, you can enjoy playing your flight simulator with ad-free experiences, unlocked subscriptions, and tons of fun modules. Just download it RFS โ€“ Real Flight Simulator Mod APK Follow the instructions on our website and get ready for your last flight absolutely free.

Visual and sound quality


For those of you looking for Infinite Flight Simulator with stunning graphics and visuals, you won’t be disappointed with RFS โ€“ Real Flight Simulator. That being said, the game offers an amazing 3D visual experience that most gamers will surely enjoy. With powerful 3D aircraft models, deep interior design, realistic cockpit views and complete control panels, you’ll find yourself flying your very own plane. However, some of your low-end devices may struggle to run the game, resulting in unsatisfactory experiences. Therefore, you may want to check the graphics settings and make certain configurations depending on the capabilities of your hardware.


To make the game more interesting, the Android players in RFS – Real Flight Simulator will find themselves immersed in the amazing in-game music and sounds. With each flight, realistic sound effects will keep you completely glued to the in-game simulations. Intuitive engine sounds, realistic environments and professional communication from ATC will keep you fully immersed in the game.

Final thoughts

With deep and fun gameplay, RFS โ€“ Real Flight Simulator is undoubtedly one of the best flight simulators for Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. Not only because of the amazing graphics and gameplay, but also thanks to the level of customization you can have with the game. And since the game is fully unlocked and free on our website, we see no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it.

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