6 Steps How to Get Swagger FF Sauce Bundle (Free Fire)

 Swagger FF Sauce Roll โ€“ The hack repository that survivors have been waiting for is finally out. Offering a variety of attractive prizes, this hack shop is definitely in demand by free fire players.

The most anticipated prize in this hack store is the Bundle Sauce Swagger FF. Maybe you are waiting for Sauce Swagger FF and want to get it in this hack store.

If you are a survivor who wants to know how to get this free fire package. Then you can continue to follow us until the review is complete, because here we will give you how to get the ff bundle.

Looks like we’re not here, there’s no need to be small anymore. So please, you can read the full discussion about Swagger FF Sauce and how to get it which we have prepared below.

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Swagger FF 2021 Hacker Shop Bundle

FF Swagger Sauce Bundle Hacker Shop

Hacker Store Free Fire has released a very cool new pack, Sauce Swagger. This Free Fire Racer is the main prize from the Hacker Store event from September 8-14.

So you can get a free fire package at this free fire hack shop event. In addition to the main prize, there are many other unfrozen prizes in this free fire event.

I am interested in participating in this free fire event to win various cool prizes. If you are interested, you can see the full rewards in the Hacker Shop first before joining the event.

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Free Fire Hacker Shop Gift List

Before you participate in this free fire storage hacker event. Therefore, you must know the full prize at the event in advance.

By now you should know that you can get primary and secondary prizes in this hacker shop event. So for the rewards that you can get according to your luck by participating in the ff event.

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So please check the list of prizes that we have provided below at the Hacker Store.

Here is the list of prizes for Hack Free Fire 2021.

Big gift

  • Swagger Sauce Roll
  • White Eagle
  • 5 incubator vouchers
  • 15 Loot Crate AK47 Flame
  • Second prize
  • Hungry villain
  • Wild Hunt Package

Second prize

  • 5 Royale Weapon Vouchers
  • 5 diamond vouchers
  • Hello emoticons
  • Wall Guardian Glo
  • Sassy Swagger Turquoise (head)
  • 5 incubator vouchers

How to get Swagger Sauce Bundle on Hacker Store Free Fire

Well, if you see various attractive prizes in this free fire event. So, hurry up and get the prize.

To get rewards from the Hacker Sauce event is very easy. You just need to drive straight to the event. If you are still confused, please check the full tutorial below.

  1. First, please, you can only enter Hacker Store events.
  2. Then please tick only the main prizes and secondary prizes that you want to win in the event. Then please just choose the main prize, Sauce Swagger.
  3. After that, please just click continue, then click continue again to directly confirm the reward you want in this free fire event.
  4. Then you just need to press the click button to drive. Then click Continue to start the conversion immediately.
  5. To get the main prize, you just need to spin continuously until you get the prize you want.
  6. Done!
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You need to know that the price to be able to ride in this event varies. For the first spin, 9 diamonds and subsequent spins will vary in value again.

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Looks like that’s all the information we can provide about the Bundle Sauce Swagger FF, here’s how to get it. We hope this information will be of use to you. your sincere