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Pico Park APK – The viral game called Pico Park is a puzzle game. Now, with the viral game Pico Park, users are looking for the apk version. You may be one of the users who are looking for the download link for Pico Park Mod.

For those of you users of social media applications, especially users of the TikTok application, you must have heard of the Pico Park game. The reason why this pico park game is viral is because actually there are tiktok users who make funny videos with the game.

Now with this puzzle game so viral and popular, of course, many people want to know and want to use it. But you need to know that there are two versions for this Pico Park game, the PC version and the mobile version.

In our discussion this time we will discuss the game Pico Park apk or mobile version. If you are curious about the Pico Park APK, please read the full details below.

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Pico Park Apk Review

Pico Park Apk Review

Pico park apk is a puzzle genre game developed by a third party that includes various cool features in it. Actually this game was not released for the mobile version, but because this game is very viral, a third party has made a mobile version of this game.

Packed with exciting gameplay, this Pico Park game received a very good reception from social media users. In addition to exciting gameplay, Pico Park is also packed with various advanced features that make it easy for users.

Curious and want to immediately use this one game. If you are curious, it’s good to check the full features in the game Pico Park APK before downloading this game.

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Features of Pico Park Apk Mod

Yes, as we mentioned above there are many advanced features in this one game. Of course, you won’t find these advanced features in the original version of Pico Park.

If you are curious and want to see firsthand the various advanced features in this Pico Park Mod APK. So please just take a look at the full features that we have prepared below.

More interesting and easy challenges

There are many challenges in this one game that can certainly distract the players. The challenges given in the Pico Park game are very fun and easy, so you will be more comfortable playing.

8 bit animation

You may have often seen online or offline games, usually game developers make games with Super HD or Ultra HD graphics. However, for Pico Park this is different from other games, because this game has 8 bit graphics like Cat Mario.


Interactive interface design

Having a very interactive interface design, of course the players who play the game will be very addicted.

In addition, this game has a very practical and simple design, so even if you are new to playing this Pico Park game, you will not find it difficult and confused.

There are many game modes.

There are many game modes that you can choose to play the Pico Park game. Of course by sharing game options, you can choose your favorite game mode in this game.

This of course can make you not bored while playing the Pico Park game. Apart from that, all the game modes in this game are very interesting and fun.

There is a multiplayer feature.

Playing games with friends or family will be very fun. Yes, there is a multiplayer feature in the Pico Park APK game that allows you to play with friends, colleagues or family.

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Download the newest 2021 Pico Park Mod

Download the latest Pico Park Mod Apk

If you have seen the various special features in the pico park apk game above. So please, if you are interested, just download the game.

The game whether pico park or the mobile version is not yet available on the playstore or app store. But you don’t have to worry about not being able to download it, because here we have prepared an active link for the game.

So no need to delay, please just download pico park mod. here.

Game name Pico Park
File size 13 MB
Current version 1.5.5 New 2021
operating system Android 5.o+
Price Free

Is Pico Park Apk safe?

For those of you who want to play this one game, you don’t need to worry because so far the Pico Park game is very safe to play.

So please just download and install the game to play it directly on your smartphone.

It seems that’s the only information we can share with you about Pico Park Apk. Hopefully the information above can be useful.

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