Invalid Signature Care to protect? Application Errors, Causes & Solve Them

Invalid signature care protection – With the Pedulilindung application, it can help all Indonesian people, it can also explain in detail that someone has carried out vaccination activities, and there is more complete information about whether the person is vaccinated or not.

Regarding the concept, you only need to show a sign in the form of a QR code in the Peduliprotect application section when you are traveling. Go to shopping malls, malls, airports or public places if you need to bring a vaccination file. Then you can use the Cares app.

With the sophistication of modern technology, the QR code on the application is instantly scanned by the investigating officer and detected in the process. Is it true that the vaccine has been given or is it impossible to speed up the system used by the government?

But lately people have complained about the Cares application, its use has experienced several errors and cannot function normally. It’s really true, try to see for yourself, the content in the comments on the Play Store and Apple App Store search engines is also not fun.

Users often face problems when using the Pedulilindung application, and of course they experience lag, are confused and don’t know what to do.

After we checked, it turns out that APK Cares has decreased in rating, moreover it only touched the rating number of 3.6 on the play store and that means a lot of complaints from users.

Why is an invalid signature displayed in the Pedulilindengi app?

Why does invalid signature appear in maintenance app?

Usually a notification will appear when there is an error in the Care Protection application, which will contain the sentence “Invalid signature” on the smartphone notification.

And when you first open the application, because there are so many people who are looking for easy ways or tips in the form of a wrong signature in the Cares Protect application.

The purpose of the invalid signature warning is an error that causes delays in data transmission between application system components. It is sure that it cannot communicate with other parts of the system.

If you’re facing a similar problem yourself, you can take a look at our simple tips on how to solve invalid signatures for the Cares app. So you all have to listen from the last minute to understand all the important discussions properly. Then you can practice it yourself at home.

How to solve invalid signature maintenance application

To solve the issue of invalid signature now, we will provide some practical steps by step and solve all the problems. What’s the problem, it can happen.

1. Reinstall the Cares Protect app

The first way you can try is to delete the Cares Protect application, or uninstall it on your smartphone. Now it’s gone and deleted, now download it again and install it again till it works on your phone.

The app you used yesterday may be an old version, so its current usage is irrelevant, so you will have trouble or fail to sign in. You can visit the Google Play Store or use the following link to install it.

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So by installing the latest version you can successfully use Cares Protect app as per your requirement.

2. Clear app cache

Next is an issue you can solve regarding invalid signatures, sometimes due to too much cache or heap of junk in the app. Therefore, it must be as soon as possible so that all of you can cancel directly so as not to interfere and get stuck in the PeduliLending application system.

During the Clear Cache Care method, you can pay attention to the following steps.

  • First in the menu section, then to ” Getting started “.
  • Then you choose the application, you just choose ” Maintenance protection “.
  • The last time you pressed the command button ” Clear cache and memory “.
  • Then you will see if it is completely uninstalled or not, in most cases the app will run normally again.

3. Visit the site

If you have tried your best, you have done the above method, and the result is still not good and the application is not working normally. Try one more step from us, you just have to visit the official site section.

The method is:

  • You have logged in using the free internet browser Chrome , Mozilla Or according to your preferences.
  • Next, type in the search field Then press the search button, but you must use fast internet so that the process does not take much time.
  • If you see the appearance of the status of your vaccination program , enter only as your personal data your full name , NIK etc. in the column provided.
  • If you want to view vaccination certificates, you must Access login By clicking on the site i.e. Menu Login/Register .
  • end.
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Last word

We have a brief discussion about invalid signature care protection applications. So you can fix it yourself. According to your personal needs, see you again!