5 Best Infidelity Dramas in 2022 Make Your Heart Slice!

Best Infidelity Dramas in 2022 Make Your Heart Slice!  You must check out the best Betrayal 2022 Drakor! Lately you often hear heart-wrenching stories from the Kits Break Up series. The theme of the story is very viral lately.

When you watch a betrayal-themed drama, you may feel angry and overwhelmed.

The story of third-person love and betrayal certainly has many fans in the entertainment world.

If you are looking for a drama series with the same theme, you must read this article till the end. Here are some recommendations for the best Kafir dramas in 2022.

betrayal drama

betrayal drama

This series from the Land of Ginseng has many fans. Even the presence of k-drama in the entertainment world is loved by various groups. Ranging from young people or teenagers to the elderly.

Korean dramas always manage to steal the public’s attention. Because there are so many fun scenes, the story is also very unique.

We also get a lot of information through k-dramas. Both the culture and customs of Korean society. You can easily learn about South Korean culture through this program.

The visuals of this film and the very talented cast are one of the attractions of Drakor. Therefore, many people like the series from South Korea.

All the advantages and attractiveness of Korean drama series bring fans from various countries. One of the affected countries is Indonesia.

You can easily find drama lovers or connoisseurs in Indonesia. Many people choose to watch Dracor as a companion to fill their spare time.

Many Indonesians spend their free time watching drama series from Drakor. One of the most accessible platforms for watching Drakor is Netflix and the Vue app. You can see hundreds of popular dramas from the past few years.

Especially when the epidemic began to spread. There are so many Indonesian netizens who choose Korean dramas as their daily companion.

Betrayal genre drama

Betrayal genre drama

One of the most popular genres is drama. His biography is complex and full of twists and turns. This genre is very popular among the people.

If you are a fan of the drama genre, surely you will find many stories of betrayal. The theme of this drama is not very popular, some people are interested in watching the sad story of this one theme.

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Romantic relationships developed by the opposite sex certainly have various obstacles. Every couple, of course, no one is 100% perfect.

Some of the problems in building relationships are the challenges of partner loyalty. This one problem can definitely shake the continuity of the relationship between a couple or family that builds their relationship.

The betrayal of a lover certainly invites tears. Korean drama series definitely present a similar theme. The story makes the audience feel high and low.

Our article offers some tips that you really need. Here is a list of the best betrayal dramas of 2022.

Some of the best betrayal drama tips of 2022

Some of the best betrayal drama tips of 2022

One of the most common themes of love in drama series is betrayal. This drama has many loyal viewers.

If you watch a drama series with this one theme. Guaranteed you will be addicted to the excitement of the fun of watching together. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best 2022 drama recommendations for infidelity-themed fans.

1. Eve (2022)

1. Eve (2022)

In the middle of 2022, the entertainment world is busy discussing a drama called Eve. The topic of this series has been widely discussed on many forums. Clips of Draco’s Eve have even appeared on social media like TikTok and Instagram.

This one series was officially released on June 1, 2022. The number of episodes itself is 14 episodes. You can watch the story of Nia and Mrs. (special name for Warganet) on tvN and of course VU.

The acting of the main character and several actors managed to make the audience’s emotions go up and down. Unlike dramas in general, the main character acts as the subject here.

Based on research, it is known that the average level of Eve is 4.1 percent. If you watch this drama, do you think you are on the side of the legal wife or on the side of the mistress?



The first story begins with Lee Ra El, a beautiful woman who lives in a harmonious family. But one day he finds out that his father has died. His father’s departure was caused by the actions of people in high power.

The scene changes to Ra’el as an adult, she grows up and aims for revenge. Surviving 13 years, he devised various ways to avenge his father’s death.

In addition, Rae L gets help from a young politician in the National Assembly, Seo Eun Pyung. Rae L is also supported here by her husband Jang Jin Wook as a tango dancer.

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LY Group CEO Kang Yoon Gyeong became the main target. He makes the CEO fall into a trap and fall in love with him. Ra El tries to destroy Han So Ra’s family and husband, Yoon Gyeong.


  1. The role of Lee Rae is played by Seo Yea Ji
  2. The role of Kang Eun Gyeong is played by Park Byung Eun.
  3. The role of Seo Eun Pyung is played by Lee Sang Yob
  4. The role of Han Soo Ra by Yoo San
  5. The role of Jang Jin Wook by Lee Ha Yeol

2. Love and Weather Forecast (2022)

2. Love and Weather Forecast (2022)

Lovers of romantic dramas played by the queen of romantic comedies are certainly no stranger to this one title. Park Min Young, the beauty with that nickname, became the main character.

He always manages to amaze the audience with his acting. This JTBC drama received an average rating of 7.3 percent. Min Yang’s moves can’t be doubted here.

If you like betrayal dramas, this drama might not work at all. But from this drama, you will learn many things from your past.

However, this one drama deserves to be on your watch list!


Summary 1

It starts with the tragic story of Jin Ha Kyung who was cheated by her boyfriend Han Ji Joon. They have been dating for a long time and will be getting married soon. But Ha Kyung’s dream comes to a halt because her lover is unmistakably arrested.

After breaking up with Ji Joon, she decides not to hang out with her office mates. Works at BMKG South Korea

But one day, when she meets her new partner, Lee Shi-woo, this is in danger of disappearing. A new figure who joins the central branch where Ha Kyung works. Their love story begins with a test.


  1. The role of Jin Ha Kyung by Park Min Young
  2. Lee Shi Woo’s role in Zeng Kang
  3. The role of Han Ji Joon by Yeon Park
  4. Chae Yo Jin’s role in Yura
  5. Role of Kim Soo Jin by Chae Seo Eun

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3. The Show Window: The Queen’s House (2021)

3. Show Queen Window (2021)

The presence of a drama that tells about the destruction of a family will certainly invite the anger of the audience. One of the dramas that carries the story of betrayal is this one-ki drama.

This drama will air in November 2021 and the last episode on January 18, 2022. So in 2022, this one drama is still being talked about. Drakor Show Window: The Queen’s House has up to 16 rooms, you can see on Vue.

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K Drama has been played by many famous actors. You will not get bored watching this one edition of the drama. Also, there is no need to doubt the actions of the players!


Conclusion 2

Starting from the story of the daughter of the owner of the Raheen Group who married a man named Shin Myung Seb. The woman’s name was Han San Joo. Both are happily married and have children.

The name Sun Joo Myung Seob has made him very popular in his mother’s company. He is now a successful man and is famous for his work after marrying Sun Joon.

But everything changed after Myung Seob met Yoon Mi Ra. Sun Joo’s first beautiful family turns into something she didn’t expect.


  1. Han Sun’s role in Song Yun Ah
  2. The role of Yeon Mi Ra is played by Jeon So Min
  3. The role of Shin Myung Seb is played by Lee Sung Jae
  4. The role of Hang Jung Won by Hwang Chan Sung
  5. Shin Tae Hee as Shin Yi Joon

4. Love (Divorce and Marriage) (2021)

4. Love (Divorce and Marriage) (2021)

Indeed, this Korean drama is watched by many drakor lovers. Even the title of the k-drama has penetrated other social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. The clip appeared several times on social media sites.

One of these dramas was released in 2021. The success of this series led to 3 seasons being offered. There are 16 episodes per season.

Not only that, this is one of the Korean dramas that you must watch because the last episode got a rating of 8.9%! The acting of the players is unquestionable, each episode makes you play with your emotions.


Conclusion 3

Starting from the story of three successful women who work at a radio station. The three are close because they work in the same room. The three were of different ages, with Boo Hye Young, Sa Pi Young and Lee Si Eun also in attendance.

The three women already have husbands, and some of them have children. Their marriage was originally very harmonious. But one day, after seeing a robber, he meets someone else while filming. The three of them gradually faced the unexpected.

The first thing she finds in Si Eun is that her husband wants a divorce. Then there were two of his office colleagues who had the same accident. The truth is that all three husbands…