Download RA Whatsapp iOS & Android Apk Latest Version 2022

Download RA WhatsApp iOS and Android Apk โ€“ In this discussion, we will try to review the RA Whatsapp iOS and Android Apk which will certainly be one application that you can try. If you are interested in knowing what the conversation was like this time, then you can read the explanation to the end and happy reading.

WhatsApp is one of the social media applications in the form of chatting which is getting more and more users. Hundreds of millions of downloads from this WA application are installed on the smartphones that we use. What is certain is that this WhatsApp application, although it did not attract much interest at the beginning of its appearance, but over time, everyone liked WhatsApp. There are many features in this application such as chat, photos, videos, voice memos, sending document attachments to video calls. Everything made easy in one easy-to-download WhatsApp platform.

WhatsApp comes with an original version that we can download easily through the Playstore and Appstore applications. But apparently, among the many WhatsApp users out there, there are many third parties who make modified versions or modded WhatsApp applications with additional interesting features. The choices are also different, maybe you already know, of course there are various. But we tried to share something different and this was made by Indonesian children themselves.

Overview of the RA WhatsApp application

A few pictures of RA Whatsapp developed by Ridwan Arifin (RA) which is now one of the most sought after viral applications by many netizens. Where this developer is an Indonesian child who is trying to develop his own version and create an application that can be useful for many people.

With this apk mod version, it gives its own feel because it has many interesting features. Its appearance that is different and unique from the original version makes many smartphone or iOS users look for the mod apk version. Although we know that there are many choices of whatsapp mod apk circulating as a third application such as FM Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp, WhatsApp Aero, Fouad Whatsapp. And of course you want to know what are the advantages of RA Whatsapp Apk, right? Well, before going through the download process below, you can see what interesting features are there.

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Featured Features of RA Whatsapp Apk

As for the features included in the RA Whatsapp Apk, it is definitely worth a look before we delve deeper into the download process. Because we know that this mod apk version cannot be separated from additional features which are indeed very many and can be said to be premium. And for more details you can see the explanation as follows.

1. Change appearance

The main feature of RA Whatsapp Apk is that when you download it, you will get the same theme as usual in the original version. But later when you are bored with the existing display, you can replace the existing theme with a display that you think is interesting. Not only can you change the theme, but you can also change the fonts and more to make this Raw WhatsApp app comfortable and fun to use.

2. App lock

As for the security issues at hand, you definitely don’t need to hesitate anymore. For security reasons, you can choose between PIN, fingerprint and password. With these security features it makes you more comfortable and safe in your own privacy when using and downloading RA Whatsapp Apk. Because we never know there are irresponsible people who can access the privacy of our WhatsApp that is used.

3. Private

You can also protect our privacy from this app, for example turn off blue tick list, hide status, restrict calls and many more. So this feature can be very useful for RA Whatsapp users. We know that all these features are included in the updated version of WhatsApp including this app.

4. Can send large files

This is very useful for those who work in an office and need access to send more and more files. Because with this mod apk version we can send files with large data and this is more than the first version. Since it’s very limited to the original version, it’s not very big in size. So by using this updated version we can send any file without any limitation for free.

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5. Many choices of themes

By changing the theme in this updated version, of course, you can change the appearance according to your needs. Because by replacing the existing theme with the desired preferences, it will be fun to watch and not get bored. So basically the main version is very different from the first version.

6. Anti banned

The developer of this application makes it safe to use and guarantees against banned accounts that we use. Of course, all this makes users who download RA Whatsapp Mod Apk safer to use. We hope that all goes well when you try to use this app and you don’t get blocked accounts or other unwanted things.

7. More features

  • Minimize profile
  • Change emoticon
  • Calculating stats by group
  • Check online status on screen
  • Wa status can be up to 250 characters.
  • Copy and paste people’s status
  • Call for support
  • Media preview is available without installing first
  • It can hide name and date when copied in chat.
  • It can send files like xls, txt, rtf, doc, zip and more.

RA WhatsApp Apk Download Link

Below we have prepared a download link for those of you who really want to download this RA Whatsapp Apk. It is not the same as the original version which you download from Playstore in the given link. However, the mod apk version is not much different from the original version. And for more details, you can check the application description before proceeding to the download process. For a more complete explanation, you can see below:

apk name RA WhatsApp
operating system At least Android 4.4+
App version Latest
Builder Ridwan Arifin.
Size 51 MB

Download Link: Here

How to Install RA WhatsApp Apk

As for how to install the mod apk version, it’s slightly different from the original version, maybe when you download it you just have to wait for the application to be installed on your smartphone. It’s different when you download the mod version of this apk, of course there is a slight difference, a little different, but you don’t need to worry. Because we will try to share with you the full tutorial below:

  • The first thing you can do is click on the link that we have provided above.
  • Then open the file manager on your phone and find the download folder
  • After that, first click on the app and click to install
  • Make sure you enable “unknown sources” and continue the installation process and wait for the installation process to complete
  • Now if the app is installed on your phone, you can use it.
  • Done
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How to overcome the RA WhatsApp Apk ban

For the ra whatsapp apk application we know that this is an updated version of the original and that means it is illegal. But they explain that the existing features will be safe from blocking, but we need to be vigilant. Because suddenly everything happens before you know it. And if that happens, you can follow the tutorial below:

  • The first step you can do is go to settings in RA Whatsapp
  • Continue with the update and you can select Check for updates.
  • If you find a new version, just click the download link
  • Make sure the latest version is installed correctly
  • Done
  • Make sure to check for updates as often as possible to avoid being blocked by the WhatsApp app.

Weaknesses and advantages of RA Whatsapp Apk

Talking about applications, of course, cannot be separated from the advantages and disadvantages of these applications. And for more details you can see the explanation below:

Advantages of RA WhatsApp Apk

  • It can customize iOS themes and more.
  • Easy to use
  • Private app
  • Send large and multiple files at once.
  • Lots of great features

Disadvantages of RA WhatsApp Apk

  • Illegal app
  • via a special link
  • It has to be updated manually.
  • Less reliable

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Last word

Hopefully what we say about RA Whatsapp iOS and Android Apk Download can be useful for all of us and see you at for further discussion which always provides updates every day.