Download WA Mod iOS 14 Latest Version 2022 Anti Banned

For WhatsApp users on Android, you may already know WA Mod. Yes, this WA Mod is often a solution for WhatsApp users who are not satisfied with the features of the original WA. One of the most recommended WA mods is the iOS WA Mod.

As the name suggests, WA Mod iOS is a WhatsApp application for the Android platform, but it has a WhatsApp version on iOS. For more details, see the information below about the WA iOS mod.

WhatsApp Mod iOS Review

As previously mentioned, this iOS WhatsApp mod is a pre-modified version of the WhatsApp app for Android. This update course aims to simulate the iOS version of WhatsApp.

You will get many new features that will provide a new experience in using WhatsApp, not only in appearance. With this, of course, using the WA application will be more exciting and interesting.

For some people, the iOS version of WhatsApp looks more exclusive than WA on Android. This is what the WhatsApp Mod iOS developer has done, making various ways so that WA users are satisfied with the resulting application.

Like all other WhatsApp mods, this iOS mod provides regular updates to fix various weaknesses and bugs that were present in the previous version. In addition, this update will also be made to maintain safe usage.

Well, the developer of this iOS WA mod is YoWhatsApp. Of course you already know that YoWhatsApp itself is one of the best WA mod developers out there right now. So there is no need to doubt the quality of the WA mod that he made.

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Features of WhatsApp Mod iOS

Of course, features are one of the things that need to be considered when we talk about WhatsApp mods. So read and understand some of the features before using this iOS WA Mod.

  • iOS WhatsApp style display.

The main feature of WA Mod iOS is that it has an interface that resembles the iOS version of WhatsApp. From the main menu page, the chat page, bubble chat and so on are very similar or similar to WA iOS.

So if you want to experience the thrill of using WhatsApp on iOS, this is the best solution that you can try. You don’t need to buy an iPhone first or change the smartphone you’re currently using.

Anti-blocking is a must-have feature for all WhatsApp mod apps. Because if you are caught using an unofficial WhatsApp application, the official developer of WA, namely Facebook, will block your WhatsApp account.

However, you still need to update it regularly. The update provided by YoWhatsApp for this iOS WA mod, is compatible with the original WA version. This is so that the adjustment system and account security are maintained.

  • View deleted stories

This is almost a feature you can’t find in the original WhatsApp app. Yes, this one feature allows you to look back at your WhatsApp friends’ stories even if the story is completely deleted.

You can always view stories in the form of photos, videos, or text. But this can be done as long as it is not more than 24 hours. After that, the new story will disappear just like the story that appeared on the original WhatsApp.

  • Hide online status
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When you open the WhatsApp application, your friend’s WA “online” will appear in your account. Well, this iOS WA mod has a feature that functions to hide status. So, if you don’t respond to a conversation from your friend, you don’t have to worry and feel bad.

WA mod ios

The advantages of WA Mod iOS

Of course, this iOS WhatsApp mod feature doesn’t end there. There are still many interesting features that make playing WhatsApp even more comfortable. Here are some other features of WhatsApp mod iOS.

  • Option to change the font type with many interesting options.
  • Avoid double ticks and blue ticks in conversations.
  • Can read messages deleted by the sender.
  • Sending messages that the recipient cannot deliver.
  • Get your WhatsApp story featured on other social media sites.
  • View other people’s WhatsApp stories without appearing on the watchlist.
  • Send a message to a new number without saving the contact first.
  • Change the appearance of the application’s main page.
  • Turn off “typing” mode in WhatsApp.
  • Turn off the “recording” status on WhatsApp.
  • Specify that only certain numbers can call your WhatsApp number.
  • Improved privacy for contacts and groups on WhatsApp.
  • Learn about all WhatsApp friends activities such as changing profile photos, going online, adding stories and more.
  • Create WhatsApp stories in video format up to 5 minutes without cutting.
  • The option to select and use different themes “up to 4000 themes” is already provided.
  • Removed “Last Seen” status on WhatsApp.
  • The broadcast message feature provides privacy.
  • Hide the microphone button in the chat page section.
  • Customize the appearance of the chat page, such as tick marks, backgrounds, chat bubbles and more.
  • Send up to 30 images in one chat session.
  • Activate undisturbed mode or what is often called DND.
  • It can send images up to 18 MB, with no loss of quality or resolution.
  • Additional new features in the form of a proximity sensor.
  • Hide names for WA contacts.
  • Share high quality videos without losing quality.
  • Delete junk and cache files directly from the app.
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Download WA Mod iOS

Because this iOS WA Mod is an updated application, which means it is not an official application, so it cannot be downloaded via the Google Play Store. But don’t worry, there is a link to download WhatsApp iOS mod.

App name WA Mod iOS
Builder Yowatt app
Size 47.2 MB
Version: when Latest

Download link: here

How to install WA Mod iOS

Unlike apps downloaded from the Google Play Store, the files you download previously are in the form of APKs. To install this apk file you need to do some settings first. For more details, see the following How to Install iOS WhatsApp Mod.

  1. The first step is to enter the settings menu on the phone.
  2. After that, open the Security and Accessibility menu.
  3. Then search and search for unknown sources.
  4. Tap the option to enable it.
  5. If it is active, open the download folder and look for the Apk file from the WA iOS mod that you downloaded earlier.
  6. Open and install the file by following the system instructions.

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WA Mod iOS can provide many benefits. But even though it is equipped with anti-tyre features, you still have to be careful in using it. And don’t forget to update the app if available.