DLS Mod Apk 2022 Version 9.12 Unlimited Coins and Diamonds

Football is one of the most popular sports by everyone, especially in Indonesia. In this regard, many soccer games are very fun to play. One that must be played by Android users is the DLS Mod Apk.

DLS or Dream League Soccer is a soccer game created for the Android smartphone platform. You probably already know popular soccer games like FIFA and PES. But many say that DLS is the best option to try.

Brief Review of DLS Mod Apk

Brief Review of DLS Mod Apk

As previously mentioned, Dream League Soccer or DLS Mod is one of the most exciting soccer games for smartphones. So for those of you who have a PlayStation or laptop, you can still play soccer games on your cellphone.

This game is only made for smartphones based on Android. Even so, you need to know that this DLS game is very difficult and requires very high smartphone specifications.

But in fact, this is a very reasonable thing because the quality of the graphics and also the gameplay offered is very satisfying. Guaranteed not to hurt your eyes when playing with images that look detailed and smooth.

You will know that this soccer game is usually played for a long time. Especially if you play career mode, you can be satisfied playing DLS games until you lose track of time.

DLS Mod Apk Features

One of the aspects that makes Dream Soccer League one of the most popular soccer games is none other than the various interesting features it offers. For more details, here are some features of the DLS Mod Apk.

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1. Full team management

Full team management

In this game, you can create and manage your team the way you want. This includes buying and selling players, setting formations or positions, and much more. This player management is to help you win every game you dream of.

If you can manage your team well, for example maximizing all resources, then you have a great chance of winning. Therefore, make sure that all actions taken are carefully thought out. Don’t let your guard down, and that means doom for the team.

2. Real player description

Real player description

Did you know that this DLS Mod provides player descriptions that correspond to the real world? All information about the player from face, body, name, and other information is fully adapted to the original.

With this one feature, you can feel the experience of using an idol soccer player. Create a dream team with the best players that would not happen in the real world.

3. Build your own stadium

Build your own stadium

You could say this is a very unique feature in DLS games. Many players want to design and build a dream stadium for their team. Fortunately, the developers understand this and provide features for building stadiums in the game.

However, you can’t make the stadium the way you want it to be. But you can only select any part of the stadium from the templates provided by the DLS developer. But don’t worry, because the number of templates available is very large.

4. Participate in competitions

Participate in the competition

Playing a monotonous soccer game can sometimes get boring quickly. Therefore, DLS always holds many interesting events or events for its players to participate in. So even if you play this game for a long time, it won’t be boring.

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The event in question is a tournament between DLS players that takes place online. So you can play online with other DLS players. Not only that, DLS always offers a variety of very attractive prizes for each winner.

5. Set design and group name

Create a design and group name

With DLS games, you can actually play as the owner of a professional soccer club. So you have complete control over your team. It’s not just about being a manager, it’s about the identity of the football team.

This is definitely a fun thing to do. You can define the team name, manage every detail of the players in it, create your own uniform or jersey, and do many other team modifications.

6. High-quality graphics

High quality graphics

As you know, the quality of graphics in a game is an important factor in providing comfort. Games with HD graphics make the players feel at home playing them for a long time without making their eyes tired quickly.

Well, this dream league football comes with very high-quality HD graphics. Apart from that, the interface of this game also looks very perfect. You are guaranteed not to be confused when playing this one game.

7. Giving Indonesian League

Indonesian league award

Some football matches usually only feature world-famous leagues. This also applies to the original version of the game Dream League Soccer. However, this is different from the DLS Mod version which offers Go-Jek League from Indonesia.

In this DLS Mod, you can find all the clubs belonging to the Go-Jek League. For example Arema, Persija, Persib, Barito Putra, etc. Not just the club, but all the names of players in the real world.

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Download DLS Mod Apk 2021

Download DLS Mod Apk

Apart from some of the features you’ve read about, there’s one more impressive feature. This feature is a financial offering, which allows you to make player purchases as you wish. Well, here is a link to download the Dream League Soccer Mod game.

No DLS Mod Apk
Version: When 6.14
Size 363 MB
Low operating system 4.4+

Download link https://bit.ly/3nJWGuh

How to install DLS Mod Apk

How to install DLS Mod Apk

The DLS Mod Apk installation process is different from other Android applications. You need to download all the files whose links are given above and follow the installation steps below.

  1. In the first step, please open the Download folder where the two files are stored.
  2. After that, all To extract files have gone down.
  3. If the file has been extracted, activate the internet connection on the smartphone.
  4. Continue with the activation of Unknown Sources and install the Mod Apk file first.
  5. When the Apk installation process is complete, copy the OBB file into the Android > OBB directory.
  6. Wait until the process is complete and play the DLS Mod Installed Successfully.

Note: The file we share is in the form of a Mod apk so you can install it immediately.

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Many people say that the Mod version of Dream Soccer League can provide an extraordinary experience. You love to play soccer games on your PlayStation or laptop but only on smaller screen size.