Gradient Mod Apk v2.7.44 Latest 2022 Unlocked Premium Features!

 Gradient Mod Apk, today’s world is filled with various technologies that make our lives easier. We now have access to many amazing technologies that we use frequently, such as the Internet, computers and smartphones.

With this app, change your photo into any style you want, Devil, Fantasy Beauty, Orc Style and more.

You can also beautify your face by changing the color of your hair, eyes and lips, customize your face and much more. You can also see which celebrities look like you in this app!

Gradient Mod Apk at a Glance

Gradient Mod Apk at a Glance

This is a great photo editor with many tools. Here, you’ll find lots of fun and interesting things besides editing functions. Users can apply any filter they want and bring a new look to their photos.

We can now download apps and enjoy many things with smartphones like camera, games, streaming and more. One of the most popular apps is editing apps like Gradient Mod Apk.

With this app you can make your photos attractive like new. You can easily adjust your face, lips, eyes, ears, nose to enhance your photos beautifully.

Application where you can enjoy artificial intelligence and beauty features. If you are familiar with AI, you will know that it is very intelligent in photos and videos.

You can add textures and filters to it for free. In addition, you will find many styles such as Orc, Fantasy Beauty, Demon and others.

Features of Gradient Mod Apk

Features of Gradient Mod Apk

If you are interested in editing photos, you can edit them easily with the help of this app.

It’s a great thing to turn your old photos into new ones that are eye-catching and look really cool. You will get all the amazing premium features available here.

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So that users can use it comfortably and freely. Therefore, we provide a description of the characteristics given below.

1. Virtual AI style

There are many amazing apps on the internet today that you can use to edit your pictures. You can edit your images via the Gradient Mod Apk application.

Every time you edit everyone’s photo, you will find a fun function in it. With it, you get an amazing user interface that anyone can easily use.

2. Make someone’s face look like a celebrity

You can enjoy celebrity sightings in this application. So here you can add a celebrity look. In this case you also get a cool feature called DNA inheritance.

This feature predicts your race origin. At the same time, you can turn yourself into a celebrity as you wish in this Gradient Mod Apk.

3. Beauty tools and makeup application

With this app, you can edit face on photo with several beauty tools. With the help of this app, you can adjust the shape of your face.

You can add whitening effect to your face, remove blemishes and improve nose, lips, eyes, ears. With the help of this app, you can give a perfect face.

4. Create a youthful appearance!

Whenever you feel that your face is aging, you get a strange feeling. In this case, you should add a selfie, then you can make your face look younger.

In addition, you can convert your photos into old images and share them with your friends.

5. Premium Access Unlocked.

If you’ve ever used any editing app, you know that you have to pay some money to use its premium features.

But you can use this app freely, here all premium features are unlocked. This is a photo editing application with AI technology.

6. Take and edit photos

With Gradient Mod Apk, Android users can choose to work with existing photos from their gallery or take and edit photos using the built-in camera.

Feel free to work on any of your images or selfies and use the huge library of editing materials and tools to express your creativity.

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7. Easy-to-use editor

For those of you who want to bring out the best in your stunning selfies, you can now explore the great face editor in Gradient Mod Apk.

Dozens of different tools to change the physical structure of your face and tons of beauty effects to quickly make yourself stand out in photos.

Gradient Mod Apk ensures that you all can enjoy working with this amazing application. Feel free to use the great Face Editor

Enhance your beauty with attractive beauty filters that make your selfies more impressive and impactful in many ways.

Also try other modern filters to quickly adjust colors for different looks. Explore the filters provided for Lunar, Film, Vintage, Snow, City, Forest and many more unique color styles to make your selfie more attractive.

Use the Size menu to adjust the size, alignment, and placement of lips, nose, face, eyes, eyebrows, and more.

Have fun distorting selfies to make your face shape and structure stand out more, or just enjoy a distorted image using the Reshape tool.

Crop the unnecessary parts of your image to get the perfect photo. Find a menu of ingredients that will whiten your teeth and make them look more natural.

Unlock strong contrasts with the provided tools to enhance some of the prominent features of your face. Use the Blemish Tool to fix your skin problems easily.

And don’t forget the standard color features where Gradient Mod Apk allows users to work with Glow, Color Blends, Colors, Effects, Curves, Split Tones and many other features.

8. Many interesting AI features to explore

Here in Gradient Mod Apk, Android users get a chance to play with lots of interesting AI features that allow them to customize their selfies and explore various AI effects.

Start by allowing Gradient Mod Apk to find your DNA ancestor by analyzing your portrait.

It shows the percentage of which tribe you belong to. Feel free to share the results online to find friends who have something in common.

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Use interesting AI Face Collage to find twins from Asia, Brazil, India, Europe and many other countries. Thanks to the advanced AI technology, see the resemblance of your celebrity with the Gradient Mod Apk.

Enjoy playing with tons of unique AI portraits that let you turn images into orcs, comic book characters, cartoon art, K-pop idols, and many other fun styles.

In fact, you can speed up time and see your old self, which is awesome.

9. Many photo views that you can try

And if you don’t want to try exotic effects and AI filters on your own images, Gradient Mod Apk offers a quick demo photo that you can choose and work with easily.

Here, you can see the style of this image, not your own. So this lets you decide if you want to keep the editing features on your first selfie.

Download Gradient Mod Apk

Download Gradient Mod Apk

After knowing the many features available through the Gradient Mod Apk. Before you start installing it via your phone, you should study the application information.

We have provided a table with the following information. We have also included a download link that you can download for free.

App name Gradient Mod Apk
Total app size
Builder Tickets to the Moon, Inc.
Download link here

Install gradient mod apk

For those of you who are confused and this is the first time installing a mod application. Don’t worry, we have compiled the complete steps below.

  1. Download from the link in the table above.
  2. Enable unknown sources permission which you can set in your phone settings.
  3. After activation, tap on the downloaded file.
  4. Then the phone will install the Gradient Mod Apk application.
  5. Then all you have to do is run the gradient mode app.
  6. Done.

Last word

With the help of Gradient Mod Apk, you can turn your old photos into new interesting photos. Along with this, it has many amazing features which are very useful to use in editing. Hope you really like this app.