Symbol Flowchart: Definition and Examples of Flowchart Cycle

A flowchart is a sequence of activity processes depicted by various symbols. If the flowchart symbol is an important element in a flowchart arrangement or flow section.

It is common knowledge that flowcharts aim to show the sequence of solving a problem in an orderly, simple and clear manner. But in the computer world, flowcharts have different uses.

  1. To ensure a program, has its own flow.
  2. Used to view the program as a whole.
  3. To see the running program.
  4. As the main template for organizing and developing the application used.

Using flowcharts on a computer is no different. With a computer, you can use flowcharts for the purposes listed above. There are many symbols in flowcharts with very different meanings. This symbol is usually divided into 3 types, the following symbols are in the flowchart symbol.

Signal flow chart

Operation signs

Process symbols are usually used as symbols to represent a series of processes in a flowchart. There are several examples in this category that you can use as setting symbols. The following are some examples of signal processing.

  1. Manual sign, a sign that describes a process that is not computerized.
  2. Process symbol, a symbol that shows the process that is being carried out using the computer.
  3. Predefined process symbols, symbols indicating warehouse supply for inventory management.
  4. A decision sign, a sign indicating certain conditions that lead to 2 events.
  5. terminal symbol, a symbol that indicates the start and end of a program.
  6. Offline storage symbol, a symbol that describes that the data in it is stored.
  7. The keying operation symbol is a symbol that indicates that all operations are being performed using the machine owned by the keyboard.
  8. Manual input symbol, a symbol for entering data manually on the online keyboard.
  9. input signal or output signal
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This input or output symbol is intended to indicate the type of device used as an input or output device. There are many symbols used in input and output signals, here are some symbols that you can use later.

  1. Input or output symbols Symbols that describe the input or output process, regardless of the type of device.
  2. magnetic tape symbol, a symbol indicating the input of the magnetic tape or the output stored on the magnetic tape.
  3. The Punched Card symbol is a symbol that indicates that the input comes from the card or the result is written on the card.
  4. The disk storage symbol is a symbol indicating that the input is from the disk or from the output stored on the disk.
  5. Display symbols are symbols that indicate the use of output devices such as screens, printers, displays and others.
  6. document symbol A symbol indicating that the input is from a paper-based document or that the output needs to be printed on paper.
  7. Trend sign

The flow direction symbol or commonly known as a connecting line is often used to connect a part of a symbol with other existing symbols. This symbol is often used to indicate the flow line of an existing process. Here are some examples of flow direction symbols.

  1. The flow symbol is a symbol that drives the flow of a process.
  2. A connection signal is a signal that a process is still communicating with another process on the same page.
  3. A link signal is a signal that describes the transfer of data from one location to another.
  4. The office link symbol is a symbol that indicates the communication process with other processes on a separate page.

So, these are some of the symbols on a flow chart. A flowchart is also a graphical representation of the steps involved in solving an existing problem, and consists of several sets of symbols. Each of these symbols represents a specific activity. Flowcharts are also a way to present algorithmic programming.

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The function of the flowchart itself is to use it as a tool to design, analyze, manage and visualize a process or program in their respective fields. In particular, flowcharts serve as a tool to illustrate what is coming from a signal and what is happening.

Flowcharts can also clarify the flow of the system both in terms of advantages and disadvantages in the system steps. Flowcharts can describe the sequence or steps in a problem and can describe the problem in a clear, simple, clean and very clear way.

These flowcharts help analysts and programmers to solve problems in smaller parts and to analyze other alternatives in the workplace. Flowcharts make it easy to solve a problem, especially one that requires further evaluation. But what is a cycle in a flowchart? If you are curious, read this article further.

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Cycle through flow chart

The cycle in the flowchart is called the input-process-output cycle or more often called the IPO cycle. This circuit can be likened to a hardware component on a computer. As computer input keyboard, scanner, mouse and we can accept data commands as input or execute as a process.

Existing processing units such as CPUs process the data entered in the input elements, this is done to produce an output. The results of data management and commands performed by CPY are displayed on the printer controller or speaker. So that’s the cycle in the flow chart.

When drawing a flowchart, you need symbols to represent the sequence of solutions in a flowchart that looks clear and easy to understand. I have explained the symbols used above. There are many types of flowcharts, here are some of them:

System flowchart or system flowchart

The system flow chart is a component that clearly shows the steps of a work or continuous process in the system and also describes the sequence of each operation in the system. In addition, the flow chart is a graphical representation of the sequence of operations combined in the system.

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Schematic flow chart

A program flow chart is a diagram of a process in a system, similar to a system flow chart. However, there are differences in the use of symbols contained in plotting. In addition to using symbols on a system flow chart, you can use computer graphics with other tools. You can use it to make flowcharts easier to read for people who don’t understand.

Document flow chart or document flow chart

The document flowchart is the section that shows the flow of reports as well as forms, which are made clear by using several symbols on the system flowchart. A document flowchart is a flowchart that shows the flow of the report as well as the forms included in the copy.

Program flowchart

A program flow chart or commonly called a program flow chart is a component derived from a flow chart system that contains a complete explanation of the steps and stages of a program. At the same time, there are two types of flowcharts, detailed computer program flowcharts and program logic flowcharts.

Process flow chart

A process flow chart is a way of detailing industrial engineering and analyzing the next steps in a process or system. For those of you who use flowcharts, this is more effective for tracking the flow of reports or orders.

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to close

So, those are some signal flow charts that we can describe for you. So the signal flowchart is the information we can give you. We hope that this article has added to your knowledge of signal flow charts. We hope that this article is applicable, we will meet you and we will meet in the next article.