Download Apk Latest Version and How to Use

Manga lovers of Japanese comics are sure to find your favorite comics at the nearest bookstore. Now, you can enjoy a fast and cost-effective way to read comics online through apk.

You will find more than 1000 popular comic titles that you can read in the application. Not only does it offer Japanese comedies, you can also read various comics from Korea, China, and others.

The genres presented are very complete, so you can choose one of them. If you want to find your favorite comic that you are currently reading, you can search in the ‘Search’ column. Then start reading happily every day.

Interestingly, not only does it offer a variety of manga, manhwa, and manhwa for free, you can also watch ongoing anime here, you know. So you will never miss the latest anime broadcasts and watch them quickly on the app. Well, if you want to know more about the manga, you can check out the following review.

About Apk apk is an Android comics app that you can install to read various popular Japanese comics. Besides Japanese comics, you can also read comics from Korea, manhwa, and comics from China.

You can read various comics in Indonesia. This way, you will understand better and find a different kind of fun in the comics you read.

This application is perfect for comic and anime lovers because there are anime videos that you can watch too. So, everything you need is complete in one application.

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If you want to install this app on your Android smartphone, you can download the app from the given link.

funny read Apk Download Link

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For those who want to download the manga application, you can easily download it now. That way, you won’t miss the latest updates, so you can read comics every day.

Please you can download this application through a third party, aka not available on the playstore. However, you can still use it safely and read some interesting jokes here.

The file size of this application is very light, which is only 9.09 MB. For the download link itself, you can click on this ‘Download’ text.

How to install Apk

How to install this application in a few simple steps, namely:

  1. You can download the apk from the given link first.
  2. Once downloaded, you can open the ‘Settings’ or ‘Settings’ menu on each phone.
  3. Start allowing installation of apps from unknown sources by clicking on ‘Security’ and ticking the ‘Enable installation from unknown sources’ section.
  4. Then you can directly open the file that was downloaded earlier.
  5. Next, click the ‘Install’ menu and wait for the process to complete.

How to use Apk

After the Mangaku.Pro application is successfully installed on your smartphone, it’s time to immediately start reading cool and popular comics. Of course, it is very easy to use this application, namely in the following ways.

  1. You can start by opening the application first.
  2. Once opened, you can choose what kind of manga, manwa, and manwa you want to read.
  3. If you find it, you can click on the desired manga and select the chapter you want to read.
  4. If you want to search for the manga you are reading, for example you want to read your favorite comic, then click ‘Search’ and enter the title of the comic you want.
  5. After that, you just have to read and enjoy each chapter with pleasure from beginning to end.
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With this app, you can read comics and watch anime videos anytime, anywhere. Interestingly, all of these things can be done free of charge.

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Benefits of reading apk apk has various benefits that you can feel yourself when installing the application. Some of the main advantages are the application’s small file size, which is only around 9.09 MB. So you don’t need to prepare various kinds of phones and it can be installed on all Android versions.

In addition, the advantages of this apk are that there are no ads in the application, read safely and for free, enjoy more than 1000 comic titles and watch anime videos, and much more.


Like most applications that do not always have advantages, apk also has some disadvantages in its performance. But the disadvantages are not a big problem because it has many advantages.

The weakness of is that its servers are often problematic. This may be because the application is not updated, so it needs to be updated first.

However, any problems or defects are fixed right away, making it easy for you to get to work and get back to normal.

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Last word

That’s information about apk that you can install or download on your respective Android smartphones. Now, you can read thousands of popular and funny comics in one application.