Management Trainee Jobs, Tasks and Latest Success Tips 2022

Management Trainee (MT) This is one of the most popular job vacancies for job seekers or job seekers. Before applying, you should first learn what a management trainee is.

So what is a management trainee? Management Internship is a training process to find qualified employees for future new hires. Later the employee will be promoted to the management level in the company.

Here, prospective new employees are given training and orientation regarding the company’s corporate profile and various business units within the company.

Fresh graduates usually stay in MT positions for a limited period of time. MT times vary according to company policy. The MT duration ranges from one full month to one year.

Future employees are assigned jobs in each department and undergo on-the-job training. The acquired functions include training, management, business control, enterprise procedures and more. This is done so that prospective employees can find the appropriate work capacity.

Management trainee distribution system

  1. For two months, prospective employees will carry out pre-employment or what can be called classroom training.
  2. Two months of on-the-job training (OJT) begins. OJT is divided into two periods, namely period 1 and period 2, each with a duration of three months.
  3. Candidates are placed in evaluation positions for two months before being assigned to work for one year. This program is time consuming but still needed by job seekers to earn a decent income. The training is not only material but also practical which is called on the job training.

Why are management trainee jobs in high demand?

There are many reasons to change the trainee management system to run vacancies. This includes:

  1. Employee status

If you join this program, your situation will be different from that of an internship. Even though they both work for the company, the benefits received by MT participants can be the same as the benefits for permanent employees at the company.

  1. Clearer career path

MT aims to recruit permanent employees at the management level. Therefore, MT participants are not very compliant with MT. By working hard, participants’ career advancement will be more secure than employees who do not follow MT.

  1. Increase knowledge and income

During this MT, participants get and can learn about many things. All assignments are aimed at training and developing MT participants to become better employees.

  1. Work according to your needs and abilities

The company will then place MT participants in classes according to the participants’ needs and abilities. The company places participants based on the training provided during the MT.

  1. Develop the ability to work together

MT participants mingle with other MT participants. In addition, participants took different classes. In this class, participants are trained and honed in teamwork skills. The ability to work together increases with the experience gained.

  1. It teaches many things related to leadership.

MT participants will learn about leadership related issues such as the ability to work under pressure, teamwork, creative thinking, etc. One of the things that makes this class interesting for the participants is the desire to be a leader.

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Soft skills are required to become a management trainee.

Soft skills are required to become a management trainee.

  1. Interpersonal skills or communication skills. These skills are required to become an MT. Participants will be trained to become managers. Managers are certainly expected to be able to communicate well with the team.
  2. Diplomacy skills are also needed because in the business world of course you will come across situations that require diplomatic skills.
  3. It takes emotional intelligence such as compassion, patience, toughness, and so on.
  4. Flexible and open to ideas.
  5. The ability to act and speak confidently and persuasively.
  6. Positive
  7. Toughness and calm demeanor in the face of various pressures because the pressure at MT is very heavy.
  8. Resistant to change and uncertainty. This skill is one of the most sought after skills by companies.
  9. Use of time. Able to set deadlines for other employees, manage time, and so on.

What is the difference between a management trainee and a regular job?

Among the many interesting positions and vacancies, there is one position that is usually the most in demand and sought after by many people. This position is Administrative Trainee.

Management trainees usually target fresh graduates to join the company. Management trainee is a training process for new employees recruited by the company.

Good quality MT participants are promoted by the company to a higher professional level or equivalent to the company management level.

One of the MT programs provides prospective new employees with various assignments from various departments to see the skills of MT participants. Management trainees usually last from one month to one year, depending on the capacity of the company.

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MT programs are usually attractive to new graduates because the company provides adequate training and materials prior to employment.

  1. Recruitment process
    To join the Management Trainee Program, participants must go through a fairly long process such as Administrative Selection, FGD, Psychologist, User, Human Resource Interviewer, Board of Directors, Medical Test. This recruitment process produces good and quality MTs.
  2. The MT candidate ‘s employment contract
    will be bound by the company for a certain period of service according to the company. The employment contract may be one or two years or more. MT candidates must have a high commitment to participate in this MT program because MT candidates who are not strong and resign will be subject to sanctions according to the signed contract.

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Benefits of a management trainee

  • He or she can provide assessments, evaluations and select future managers based on their qualities and abilities.
  • Bringing the company to the executive level by ensuring the human resources in the company are superior, skilled and reliable.
  • It can provide in terms of skill development in various areas of management.
  • Provide training and leadership to create a competent workforce for the company.
  • Can develop skills and understanding as a prospective manager.
  • He can provide training related to the company’s operational standards so that no company employees violate the rules set by the company.
  • This can increase company productivity.
  • Get a good salary and career path

Duties of management trainees

The Management Trainee Program is a special program for new employees who have just graduated (fresh graduates) or do not have work experience. Sometimes former employees also take part in this training.

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In the management trainee program, participants not only follow existing policies, but also carry out the tasks assigned to them. In addition to training, participants get daily jobs as MTs. By doing a process, participants pass their lesson.

Usually, most companies do not provide job descriptions for MT employees. MTs carry out the functions of various existing units. In this way, companies can easily evaluate which sections are suitable for MT participants.

However, there are also companies that are still compiling job descriptions for MTs. Usually MTs are placed in departments like sales, marketing, supply chain and so on.

However, MT’s work is often just simple and minimal tasks. If MTs know and understand their work, then the work given will be on par with other employees.

Management trainee salary

Management trainee salary

As for the salaries of management trainees, new employees usually get up to 4 million rupees. This is what makes management trainees so popular today.

However, the salary is still adjusted to the purchasing power and productivity level of the company. Usually each region has a different average MT salary. For example, MT in Yogyakarta has a salary range of around 2 million rupiah. Salaries in the field can reach 4 million.

Management trainee selection process

Management trainee selection process

Management trainees also have a selection process. This selection process is not easy because there are many choices to follow. This process determines acceptance or rejection. There are several selection procedures that must be followed by MTs, which are as follows.

  • Management
  • Assessment and English test
  • psychologist
  • User interview
  • HR interview
  • Focus Group Discussion (FGD)
  • Medical examination
  • Present

Tips to become a successful management trainee

Tips to become a successful management trainee

Following are some selection procedures that MT candidates must follow. Because being an MT requires qualified and reliable soft skills. Follow…